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Weekend Events...

This weekend I went to electricsoup’s birthday party. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Got to see some old friends, and make some new. The party was good, if not a bit overwhelming at times. Not really being a social butterfly, though, I think I did pretty well with the mingling. I took a small handful of breaks, less than normal really, to go outside and just watch the full moon and the clouds – until it decided to storm. Storms and I do not mix, and lightning flashes are always a note of concern for me. There were plenty of those that night, though I think most of it was heat lightning where we were.

I got home early yesterday. I wanted to beat the church traffic on 495. I went looking for a Wii and the way home and I was not surprised to see I could not find one. Disappointed, I went on home. Instead, I RP’d a bit on Firan, while also trying to play World of Warcraft at the same time. In the end the RP won so I logged out of WoW until a bit later. That paid off. When I logged back in, I got invited to Uldaman for an XP run. Raemira, the human warlock, leveled. She is now a bright, shiney, new level 45. Of course, I need to grind her more, and maybe work on Nalora a bit, who is at 32. But! She’s the one (out of my 3) shaman that’s made it past 30 so far! *ahem* I even managed to level Elisiana this week on a different server, so all is well.

And yes, Jesste, I intend to play more on Doomhammer with ya’ll. Hopefully I can work out scheduling stuff this week (in reference to the comment in the post Disconnected) with Nancy with the tutoring fu. Thankfully, her next set of classes is math and I’m with gwyndyn on her general response to math. Math is hard, let’s go shopping!

For this tutoring session; 6.5 hours used, 9.5 hours until rent is paid once more!



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Jul. 31st, 2007 04:15 pm (UTC)
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