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Health Update & Small Outbreak...

Last night I had a small outbreak of hives, though it appears Claritin helped to clear that up straight away. Have to figure out what is causing this. Meh. But, I did enjoy the two weeks off that I had, and last night was not so bad that it was detrimental to my sleep pattern -- since I had gone to bed at an ungodly 9:45, which is not usual for me at all!

I did say that I would trade it for the stuffy headedness. Pushed on some pressure points last night, and stuffy headedness went away for the rest of the evening, allowing me to actually sleep. Yay! Course, doing the same this morning did not entirely work, but right now I can breathe without any aids, or sneezing or blowing my nose every five minutes.

So, this morning, instead of being feverish and miserable, I actually feel drained, but rested. This is an accomplishment. I just hope to get rid of stuffy headedness before NYE. Though, I'm sure my Rudolph nose will still be bright red.

Ah. Life :)


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Dec. 27th, 2007 02:36 pm (UTC)
Just a thought that occurred to me as I was reading this most recent update...

My mother has an intermittent allergy to alcohol. She's fine drinking it in the winter, but in the spring and fall, when other allergens abound, her system gets overloaded, and she has a reaction to alcohol.

Is it possible that your allergic reaction is actually a compound reaction? That you're mildly allergic to A, B, and C, but that you're only experiencing hives when all three of those come together, not in individual instances of exposure?

That might explain why you've had trouble recognizing a specific allergen...

Just a thought - glad the Claritin helped!
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