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Packing Again. Ugh

I take a look around my room and see things starting to dwindle. Oh, sure. They were dwindling before with each set of boxes and other stuff that I'd take to Glen Burnie on the weekend, but it never really sunk in that I was moving, even though I knew I was. It's starting to sink in now.

I've been slowly and carefully packing the things away that don't mean so much to me just yet. Well, except, my books do mean a great deal to me because I love reading, and my movies because I love watching movies. However, they're not the stuff memories are made of. So, those were the things that made it to the house first, along with several book shelves. They're things. Replaceable, if ever need be.

But, now, I'm also slowly starting to pack the memories away. My yearbooks - from High School and College both - made it to the house a two weeks ago. A week before that, a picture of myself and my other in Scotland and my horse (both of which my mother and horse are both deceased now) made it to the house and sit on the book shelf next to my computer table. So far, those are the only few precious 'memorabilia' that have made to to the house.

But, there's more. Lots more. I think most of these things will be saved for that final two weeks before I move in, and likely, the final week that I am in the process of moving in. And, as much as I want to be there now, there's still a huge part of me that also dreads moving there away from everything that is familiar and known. This is a huge step for me, this change. I only hope that I am prepared to make it.


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