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Goodbye, Sergio...

Sergio was Nancy and Scott's miniature Italian greyhound. He was very sick this week, not eating, throwing up what he did eat, etc. On Wednesday, Nancy took him to the vet and it was discovered that he had cancer in his lungs and that he had some fluid in his kidneys that should not have been there. The vet predicted he wouldn't have long, so he came back home.

He was sluggish the rest of Wednesday night and all of Thursday. Friday, he finally passed away. I don't typically like dogs - though I did as a kid. Sergio had his good days, and his bad days. I often complained about his barking - because anytime Nancy and Scott left the house, he would bark himself hoarse and then fall asleep. The barking drove me absolutely crazy. He also got himself into a lot of trouble and often stole chocolate. Those were his bad days.

On his good days he was often seeking attention and very affectionate. He'd wiggle himself under your hands so he could scratch his back. Or, he'd wiggle himself into a space nearby, plop himself down and go to sleep. He'd also try and trick you into giving him treats, even if he shouldn't be getting them, a trick that he learned from his long passed brother, Dexter. He'd also try to valiantly protect me when I had visitors coming to the house, which I halfheartedly tried to get him to stop doing. Eventually he'd settle, set himself on my bed, and watch over me protectively as I entertained my guest.

All said, he was a good dog, and he'll be missed by everyone in the family. I'm just glad, for once, a beloved pet did not pass away on a Holiday weekend, as the trend usually tends to be with those I know who have pets. Thank goodness for small things, and may he find peace and happiness in dog heaven.



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