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Busy, Busy Week Ahead!

This next week is going to be pretty busy for me, between wedding stuff, cookouts and taking my father to the doctor for his cataract surgery - something he sprung on me last night out of the blue. I don't mind taking him, mind you. He just caught me off guard.

These are my plans for this week, so far:


Pack all the stuff that I brought home with me in order to head on back to my house in Glen Burnie. Make doubly sure to pack my glasses, because I always tend to forget to bring them, and anything else that might be needed for my short weekend trip there. ESPECIALLY bring the alarm clock.

Go to Glen Burnie - stop off at Annapolis to the Mall or go to Marley Station or to Arundel Mills for some last minute shopping - check into new dresses and other accesories for the wedding on Saturday. Get driving directions and go to Columbia to check out where this place is for the wedding, so I won't get lost when I go in the morning.

Sit around the house and do other misc stuff for the rest of the day.


Get up really early in the morning to get ready for Jen's wedding. It starts at 10:30 am. Attend the wedding and then partake of the reception afterwards, be social and eventually head home.


Wake up, pack everything I need for Centreville, MD again, and head back over the Bay Bridge to the Eastern Shore. Ugh! I'm getting so tired of going back and forth. Go to the family function there - our usual holiday cookout for Memorial Day weekend. Be social with the family, try not to make snide remarks to some of the relations and endure. When things get overwhelming, run away to my room or go watch television. OR! If the pool is ready and open, finally, go swimming if the day is nice and the water isn't cold. REMEMBER to pack the bathing suit for the trip to Centreville.

It'll be nice to have the pool open. That way the trip back and forth from Glen Burnie to Centreville won't be so bad. I'll have something to do in this otherwise barren and unpopulated area :)

The Rest of the Week

1) Find a lawyer and do a consultation over my options with regard to the house and to the Jennifer situation. It's official, Jennifer is moving in by the end of June or July permanently. Darrick has once more shown how mature he is by sending this to me via email rather than telling me face to face or over the phone.

2) Get a newspaper BEFORE coming to Centreville to continue job search opportunities. Update the resume to reflect my cell phone number rather than my home number, so job interviewers can call me on the phone that will be around most of the time - and to ensure that I DO get the calls, they're not erased before I get to see them.

3) Find out information on temp agencies in the Anne Arundel and Baltimore City/County areas and consider which one to apply to for further job opportunities.

4) On Wednesday, go to the hospital in Easton, MD with my father so he can get his cataract surgery. Drive my father home from the hospital that afternoon.

5) On Thursday, get up at an insanely early hour to take my father back to Easton, MD to a doctor to have his eye checked on, then drive him back home.

6) Friday, gods willing and I survive this week, head back to Glen Burnie. How long I stay will depend on what other surprises come up this week.

7) The Weekend - seeing about going out to see Harry Potter with a group of friends and maybe seeing if Paul wants to go out and do something sometime.

UGH! Busy busy.


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May. 28th, 2004 11:29 am (UTC)
you live a very interesting life, I just thought I woudl let you knwo that :)
May. 28th, 2004 12:13 pm (UTC)
Interesting? Really? I don't see it as interesting. I feel it's pretty boring myself.
May. 28th, 2004 03:57 pm (UTC)
Maybe busy is a better word?
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