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Project Hippodrome

So, yesterday I called Syliva Maloney to get her email address. Sylvia is a wonderful woman who's laurels I could go on and on about forever. She's directed many plays that I've helped her with in the past, both as a Stage Manager and an Actress.

My credits with her follow:

Stage Managing:
(1998) Picnic
(2001) Love Letters
(2002) South Pacific

(1998) Picnic: Millie - the obnoxious baby sister.
(2000) Arsenic and Old Lace - Elaine - the young fiance of the lead, Mortimer.
(2001) Love Letters - Melissa - the female lead of a 2 person play

Notice that somehow she managed to talk me into stage managing and being in at least two plays at the same time. It was a challenge to perform both roles, but a challenge I gladly accepted. She also encouraged me to aid other directors at the theatre. Some I'd work for again, one I will never work for again in my life.

She was supposed to have emailed me a week or so ago about the picnic that occured on Sunday. The same picnic that I went to. I never got her email. While at the picnic, she offered to do a bit of networking for me.

So, I have her email now. I've sent her my theatre resume to get her opinion of it and what I might need to do to make it more presentable.

Once I have her response I will be sending my resume to the Hippodrome Theatre in Baltimore, MD, to the person she told me to contact. With luck, maybe I can get a job there. I really, really want to get paid doing something that I love doing - even if it's not that much at first.

I like having my head in the clouds. So, in the clouds they will go!

Sides, who can beat a job that would give you every single Monday off since Theatres never have performances then? :)


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