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An Amazing Weekend

This weekend I had the fortune of being invited to see michaelmauzey's new home and being invited to haranlee's place for a birthday party for her husband. I also had a few other things to do over the weekend, which made it all turn out to be pretty amazing for me. It's very nice, for a change, to have some good things to talk about!

If you want to read about it .


Saturday morning and early afternoon I spent a better part of the day looking at various apartment complexes. My day started bright and early, about 9:00 am, so I could be up and ready to go look at the first complex about 10:00. When I got to Town & Country Hollows, no one was there. I was a bit disappointed because I'd specfically set up the appointment for when they opened.

Rather than wait, I decided to go to Twin Coves, the other place I wanted to see. I had set up an appointment for 10:30 there, so I had plenty of time to go look. Getting there was no problem, but there's lots of twisty and turney roads to get back to the apartment complex. The apartments were nice, but they had an income limit. That made me unable to be qualified for the apartment. That was somewhat disappointing, but in the end if I could find a roommate I'd be able to get the place.

Not to be deterred though, I went back to Town & Country Hollows, just to see if anyone would be in the office later. It turns out luck was with me. The leasing agent was there when I got there. It turns out she was late because she was sick. I waited patiently for her to finish with the other couple that was supposed to be there early, then we chatted. She let me take the keys to go see the one apartment out of three that was ready, then I decided that I'd be taking it. It's only a one bedroom, but it's big enough for me and all of my stuff. That was the thing I was most worried about!

I agreed to take on a 3 month lease, since that's all I can remotely afford (not really) right now. I'll be charging it to my credit card (sigh), but I'll have a roof over my head and I'll have a place to myself. As I mentioned before, it was a lot to absorb. I still think I'm trying to process everything really. So, that was my morning and early afternoon...


My evening was fraught with adventure... I took a trip to Virginia to visit with Mike and to see his new house. Yay for new homes! Why was this an adventure you ask? Well, the only other state I've travelled to on my own was Delaware. That doesn't count because that's where we did all of our shopping. (Tax free is great!) So, I knew how to get there and back like the back of my hand. Virginia, however, I'd never travelled to on my own before. I didn't even tell my father that I was going because of the lecture I knew I'd receive about checking everything in the car, the traffic and what not. He's a worrier. I understand. I worry about things too. But, I wanted to enjoy my weekend lecture free. And, so I did!

I got to Mike's a little later than anticipated. I was supposed to be there around 4, but ended up getting there about 4:30. I had to spend a little bit of time to find an ATM so I could get some cash. I had $1 to my name before starting off. Finding the ATM turned out to be more of a chore than I anticipated. The bank I first went to had theirs turned off for maintenance. The one at the gas station I went to apparently was having glitches with another couple when I arrived. Eventually, I found another bank and third time turned out to be a charm. Set with my money, I set out on my way. Tolls were involved, so I knew I needed to get the cash anyway :)

Getting there was relatively easy. This is a good thing. I tend to panic when I get lost going places. Finding places easylike is what I'm all about - and it has to be done in the daylight so I can process everything and remember it! I really, really hate driving in the dark. Mike gave me the grand tour of the house. It's nice and big! At least, compared to my standards. There's lots of space to do things with. He's got it all nicely laid out so far too.

Others (ironman, gwyndyn, electricsoup and liakela) started arriving later in the evening. Mike gave them the grand tour, then we all settled in for an evening of relaxed fun. We had pizza and a snack tray to munch on, and chatted and watched movies. We watched Van Wilder and Office Space. Both movies were pretty good, though I'd already seen Van Wilder. I also knew to ditch everyone at a particular scene. 0:) Everyone left after Office Space. It was pretty late by that time. I crashed at Mike's place since getting home would have been a long drive (and I was very, very tired).


Saturday was already an awesome day. It's hard to believe that Sunday would be able to compare, but it did. I managed to wake up at a relatively decent hour in the morning on Sunday and trudge my way downstairs. Mike and I chatted for a few hours while we watched some television, and eventually I left his place around 12:15. I was on my way to Jennifer and Chris's so I could attend Chris's party. I had so much fun the day before that I really didn't want to go, but it was time to leave. I knew I had at least one stop to make before getting to the party so I could get a card. I'm such the procrastinator! :)

I took a different route on the way home, adding a bit of spice and adventure - but there were no tolls! This was a tip from Mike. Lots of lights, but I can deal with lights vs waiting to go through a toll booth. Getting home went without incident, though i did get a call from Diana who said that Jesse's car wouldn't start and that they were still stuck in Virginia. They asked me to relay the message. I stopped at Arundel Mills (the closest card shop I knew abou twas there) and then dashed off home to go mapquest directions to Jen and Chris's house. I hadn't done that before going off to Mike's, silly me!

The party was great! Jen, Chris, his sister Barb, adamdray and kralentor were all there. Adam, Chris, Paul and I ended up playing the D&D game Heros for the Xbox, working as a 4 member party. Um. I kept dying. A lot. But, I suppose that was to be expected, considering I played the Wizard character. It was fun though, going to beat up on hobgoblins, trolls and drow. It's a shame that it's only an Xbox game (that I'm aware). I wouldn't mind having it for my PS2. Adam and Paul were both picking on me. Paul even bit me! Hrmph. But, it was all in good fun :)

Overall, the weekend was great and lots of fun. I look forward to more like it. And, I look forward to having my own place and calling it home and having whoever /I/ want over there anytime I want.


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Sep. 27th, 2004 06:45 am (UTC)
Woo hoo!
I'm glad you had a good weekend -- you deserve a little R&R. :) Also, congrats on your first apartment! It's a big step, but I know you'll love it (even if it does get lonely sometimes).

Take pictures of the place! I want to seeeee.
Sep. 27th, 2004 06:56 am (UTC)
Congratulations are in order! I'm so happy you've got a place of your own now. I know it's certainly granted me some peace of mind I haven't had for a while. It's nice to be able to do your own thing whenever you want :)
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