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Busy Weekend!

Let's see. Where to start. Friday I stayed in. Stayed up way too late RPing on Firan. I didn't get to bed until 5:30 am on Saturday morning. Saturday morning I got woken up by some asshole who called at 9:30 am who wasn't anyone I even knew. Anonymous number. Didn't answer it. If it was someone I knew they knew to leave a message, I'll get back to them. I tried going back to sleep, failed badly.

Decided since I didn't get to look at apartments last week I'd call and see what apartments in Odenton would work this week. Called Riverscape. Went to look. Apartment layout sucked. Was way tiny. Tinier than my apartment and it was a 2 bedroom. I don't like diagonal hallways, even if it allows for a big closet and washroom. The only plus is it had kick ass ameneties and its own washer/dryer unit in the apartment. The set back was you needed to have $45,000 a year or make 66% if you're rooming with someone. Would have tried to apply with someone else if it weren't for the latter and the fact that the layout sucked.

Saturday I was supposed to go home to meet my father so he could fix my car on Sunday, but at the last minute on Friday I made plans to meet my friend Debbie and her fiance, one of my best friends, Eric. They were supposed to get married in April, but they pushed the wedding back due to finances. I went from being a brides maid to maid of honor. They came over here from Easton and we met up at Arundel Mills. Debbie wanted me to meet Joy, another brides maid, so I'd know who she was when the wedding happened. They brought their friend Ed with them as well.

It was quite the trip! Getting together with Eric is always a blast. To most people he's standoffish, but once he gets to know you and decides he likes you, he's the most kind-hearted, funny person there is, and he's always got an anecdote or story to tell whether it's from his time in the military or playing tabletop RPGs. In fact, Ed was one of his GM/DM's so we've heard countless stories about games they used to play.

Eric stayed at the Bass Pro Shop while the rest of us went clothing shopping. Or rather, while I helped Debbie shop for clothes. She wanted bold, daring colors and styles of clothes, getting away from her normal stuff. So, I did for her what SSB did with me when we went to H&M a couple of weeks go. We went through stuff at Old Navy and found some nice skinny strap shirts and off the shoulder shirts that looked very nice on her. We also went to Burlington Coat Factory and found a few other shirts for her. We also found a very nice dress that fit her very well. We were, however, very disappointed in the bottoms selections. No pants that were in her sizes. Bleh.

In the end, I think she had great fun, and she thoroughly enjoyed having someone to help her pick out clothing. It's very risque for her, given her background. She comes from a very strict religious family, coming from a menonite (sp) background. So, lots of stuff that she's trying is very new and very scary for her, but at the same time she has a new found appreciation for things. Given how I've secluded myself off from many things, I appreciate how much this means to her, to be able to branch out.

We ended the evening in the food court, getting some impromptu dinner and ice cream. Or rather, they got the ice cream and I sat and watched them eat it. I had to go though, since I promised my father I would be home visiting him on Saturday. My car had problems. *sniff* So, I bid them all farewell and then went back to the apartment to finish packing up the things I needed to take with me and went off.

Oh, how I miss my kitty! It was very good seeing him and he clung to me all weekend. It was very cute. I'd sit on the sofa and he'd come cuddle with me and glare at the dog and not move, where before he would just run from the dog. He claimed his spot and wouldn't budge. I'm so proud of him! Then he'd settle down and promptly purr. Purr, purr, purr.

My father and sister went out to dinner since I came home late. I saw they rented movies so I watched Phantom of the Opera, the 2005 version, and immediately fell in love with it. Love, love love! Enjoyed it very much and now must own! Must, must, must. Though, I loved the TV mini-series they put out. It's a very tragic opera, but still... the things you learn with the different versions you see. When I saw the mini-series ages and ages ago, I didn't realize everything that was going on, but I get things now. Very moving and very powerful. Must really own! Also got to watch Flight of the Phoenix. While that was a very good movie, it just didn't have the sway that Phantom of the Opera has for me. Maybe I should look into getting the soundtrack again since I can't find my tape? Hrm.... My cat used to fall asleep to the sound track in college, when he was just a wee babe. *sniff*

Sunday my father worked on my jeep for me. It needed the oil filter changed and the tail pipe replaced. It'd decided it wanted to rust through and try to fall off and we just can't have that. Turns out it was a good thing too. My father found out that I had a gas line leak too which could have easily turned into a fire at some point down the road if it hadn't been fixed. So far, everything looks good.

I managed to con my father out of his total gym for a bit. I can' t really go out for walks in this neighborhood. Or, I suppose I could but I'm too afraid to do so. It's somewhat rough around the edges, and while I haven't had any problems here I don't want to put myself into a position to have problems. So, I got my father's total gym, which is a fold up piece of exercise equipment that I can unfold and use anytime I want without fear of being mugged or anything else. Course, pain will still likely occur as I use unused muscles once more. *whimper* But having it around is a good thing and I fully intend to start using it. Must get into better shape. Plus, it works on all those muchly needed working places. But, baby steps. I must ease myself into an exercise routine that works for me.

So, yes... a very, very busy, but very, very nice weekend. And have I mentioned I MUST OWN Phantom of the Opera? Le Sigh ;)


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