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Party Time!

So, the first guests arrive around 3:45 pm. Not too shabby, considering the party was to start at 3:00 pm. I was starting to wonder if the time was right. Steph and Adam were the first to arrive, much to my delight. They were the first to get the 'grand tour' of my quaint, humble abode, including the small room downstairs with the skeery window that doesn't lead outside at all.

Yay! People! I think that turned out to be the thing I said everytime someone knocked on the door or rang the bell. More people soon followed Steph and Adam. Misty and Chris, Diana and Jesse, and low and behold one of my bestest and oldest and dearest friends, Rachel Roll and her boyfriend Garth. Rachel is one of my college friends. One of the few I had and kept me sane.

I had just opened the blinds in the downstairs basement and I saw these two people walking up to my house. I wondered to myself, "Do they have the right place?" And I saw them coming to my door and there the bell rang. I went upstairs and answered and nearly started bouncing with glee. Nearly, not quite. But I squealed all the same, "Rachel!" And immediately I invited them into the house.

More and more people arrived followed by a few phone calls. Kelly, who's taxi driver couldn't find my house, and hence I had to give explicit directions twice - though she did finally make it. My sister, Sandy, who called me to tell me she was upset that she didn't get an invite to the party, when she did - through her daughter Tricia, who didn't even open my email until 2 weeks after it was sent. I got greatly admonished for that, by the way. I'm now to tell Sandy directly whenever I have a party. And, Paul, who called to say he was on his way. Yay! JeepJeep!

David and Claire arrived, but had to go early. He was on call and our house wasn't set up for internet. Not yet. It's on the 'to-do' list. I was sad to see that he couldn't stay, but I was glad that he at least tried to come. It was nice seeing he and Claire again. SarahScott and another Rachel friend made an appearance, and my other bestest and oldest and dearest friends arrived somewhere in the middle of everyone else, Billie! BounceSqueal! Billie is also a college friend, one who'd I'd lost track of much like Rachel and one of those few that kept me sane. And then Paul got there. JeepJeep! :) The only person invited that said they'd come but didn't was my High School friend Matt *peer*. I'm still waiting to hear his excuse on why he couldn't make it.

So, I had the rare opportunity to sit back and play hostess. I discovered that I'm not very good at multitasking in person - at least not with so many people that I want to spend so much time with. I found myself torn in so many different directions, but also enjoying every moment that I had with everyone. I got to talk a little bit about the game with the Firan "family" in this area, listen in on conversations that ranged from politics to Survivor to the Apprentice, and catch up with old and new friends alike. I think one of the crowning moments was my passing on some college stories to the first Rachel's boyfriend, Garth. :) Of course, we did many wild and crazy things in college - yes even me - that we simply didn't want to talk about either.

It was nice catching up with everyone, and I especially want to make a point of seeing my old friends even more - in fact we've determined we're going to try and do something once a month. I got Billie's number and I have Rachel's email address, so that should be something that's easy to say and do; especially now that I have a house that's somewhat close to the both of them.

All in all I had a blast, people loved my chili and suggested I should have more parties in the future. Maybe I will. It depends on what happens with the house. But I think the party and getting together with all of my friends was something I very muchly needed and appreciated.

Now. I just need to get through next weekend. Valentines. Bah Humbug. And everything will be alright. I think February 14th needs to be banned, just like my birthday. Yes yes.


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