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Car Troubles, Again

Things were progressing along smoothly. My father fixed my car. All was well. I didn't go anywhere long distance to visit with friends because I was running a test on how long a full tank of gas would last me if I didn't go anywhere -- 2 full weeks. Back and forth to work, that's how long it'll last, 2 full weeks. Not bad, given the low gas milage my car has.

Monday arrives. I get to work fine. Coming home, not so fine. There's no indication that there's a problem with my car until I get to the final stop sign right before the road that goes to my complex. My car makes odd noises and doesn't want to go anywhere. I go on anyway, figuring it'd be best to get to a place where I could park, and the apartment complex wasn't that far away.

I have trouble going up the hill. Made the hill. Go down the hill into the parking complex, drift down to where my area is, and go down that hill too. Car stalls. Great. Look at guages, nothing seems to be off. Restart the car, thankfully, and find a spot close by. Park. Open hood, steaming engine. Check for fires. Paranoia, of course, none. Good. Check the radiator bottle. No water. Look around bottle, no broken spots. Good. Didn't want to pay another $70 so soon to replace that thing AGAIN. Check the other hoses we just replaced. Good. Checked the oil. Not great, at the add line, but not dry either. Good. Check the OLD hoses that didn't get replaced. Guess what? Metal was somehow sheared clean through that was attacked to one of the hoses. Great.

So, Dad, bless his heart, came up here on Monday, bringing my sister Loretta with him, to fix the car. Well, Jury Rig it really. We go to Auto Zone, get the necessary hoses, and I buy extra anti-freeze and oil, to add more to the engine since it was at the add mark. We go back and he fixes the car. We all go to Friendly's, ROAD TRIP, in separate cars to make certain everything works. He's all about the mini road trips to test drive it. Ate dinner, me ice cream since I already had dinner, and then went back. Checked engine. Everything good. So far. Dad goes home, with instructions to get pricing for the old hoses. FIgured we might as well just check the pricing to see how much it'll run me to replace everything that needs replacing. These hoses are the originals. 17 years old, they are.

Tuesday my father goes to the Jeep Dealer and the guy doesn't know which hoses he's talking about, and apparently has gotten them mixed up. Dad asks for pictures. I take pictures and send them to Dad.

Wednesday, Dad calls to tell me he's ordered the parts. I pause. Trying to figure out if he said what I just thought he said. He did. He ordered the parts. Me, wondering what part of CHECK PRICING he didn't understand, I get real quiet. Slightly upset. Told him he should have talked to me first before just ordering them since I'm the one that has to pay for them.

Discussion about the car ensues. Blame on the apartment is made, it is a money suck with no benefit of future security later, I agreed. Eventually, some agreement is made between us that he'll take care of the costs. We'll be installing said parts, which also happen to include a replacement water pump since the replaced lower radiator hose did not seem to be the problem with the leaking I've seen occuring with the anti-freeze. It may be that the water pump has been bad all along, and that is the reason the car is not only over heating, but is not producing air conditioning either -- since the air conditioner has been maxed on it's freezing stuff.

Here's to crossing fingers that the installation of new hoses and water pump do not take the aforementioned 8 hours of time, less other parts we might have forgotten and other road trip time included in that estimate, that the last few installions have made. Fun stuff planned for the weekend also.


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Aug. 5th, 2005 11:34 pm (UTC)
       *hugs* Cars bite ass. We should all buy hoverboards.

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