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What's Going On With Lisa....

Guess it’s time to update, since I haven’t done an update in a long while. It will also be short because I’m trying to update with a very bad headache. Did I mention, OW!? Bleh.

Life goes on, as normal. Eat, sleep, drink, wake up, go to work, come home, rinse, repeat. Nothing unusual, nothing interesting. Bleh.

Though, there have been a few days in between that have been broken up the monotony that is my life. Those are good days.

New Years Eve: Went to Mike’s house, had a blast being with friends who are almost like family. Celebrated the New Year coming in. Had IHop the day after. Went home, promptly slept for 4 hours.. That was good. Very fun. The being with friends part, not the sleeping part.

Margarita Night: Went out with Nancy and Scott, the housemates and consequently my landlords, to Jaspers sometime a few weeks ago. Actually posted about that. Had strawberry margaritas, steak dinner, lots of fun picking on Scott, Nancy’s husband, with Nancy, got dessert (nyummm cherry cheesecake), socialized and went back to the house. This was good. Don’t socialize too much with the people I live with. I usually go to my room, which is my safe cocoon. Don’t come out too much to chat. Still not used to living with people, even though people are in the house.

Dinner with Arda: Steph & Adam had an informal gathering at their house earlier this month when Arda’s player from Firan came out to visit. She was staying with dpassmore for the weekend. Had dinner at Edos with lots of people. Large gathering. About 8 or 9 of us went to dinner (I lost count). Also got to meet Ladonna and Dontani from Firan too. That was cool. Nice to see more locals in the area. Pinned Steph down for some FiranCON preparations. Those are going underway. Ballroom reserved for just Saturday, which I was able to FINALLY confirm today because the people at Key West apparently DO NOT respond to their voice messages. Very annoying. But, otherwise the weekend was good. Even tried a new drink Adam made up on the spot. Sprite and some Raspberry alcoholy stuff. Was good.

Unfortunately, I ended up getting sick that weekend, which has put me out of commission for the last week. BLEH! Which is part of why I have this ouchie head at the moment. Did I mention, OW!? Trying to currently shake a cough that’s more an annoyance than anything. Hour passes. Single cough. Hour passes, double cough. Hour passes, single cough. BLEH. Please, make it go away?

Was supposed to go to the Maryland Horse Expo this past Saturday, but decided against it because of the whole being sick thing. I probably could have went, but because I’m starting to get slightly worse (after having been better up until now really), it’s probably a good thing I didn’t, otherwise I would have been worse sooner. Felt bad because my father was looking forward to going. However, I did go to dinner with my father, my sister Loretta, my sister Susan, her husband David and her son (my nephew), David II. Yes, he’s a II. Dinner was fun. We spent about an hour and a half chit-chatting with one another. David II (who is 21 by the way) and I got giggly over cookies, which came with our meals.

Afterwards I ended up going to the Annapolis Mall, to go see the new Apple Store there, since I hadn’t been yet, and got all drooly over the new Apple computers. I WANT! They were all very nice. I WANT. Especially the Ibooks. I WANT. And the PowerBooks. I WANT. I just have to wait until I can save enough money, without using the evil Credit Card things, to get one. I WANT. Which will be sometime this year, if I play my cards right. I WANT. Otherwise I will get a Toshiba, which is slightly cheaper, but I’d really prefer getting an Apple computer. I WANT. Because they are so much better, in comparison. I WANT. So what if they have fewer games? I WANT. It has a better processor (even if it is now an Intel Processor) and better everything else. I WANT. Someday. Sigh.

After that, I went to Borders to spend the $55.00 that I got for Christmas, to finally pick out some books that I could read. Absolutely NOTHING in the bookstore caught my attention. Bookwise. DVDwise is another story. They happened to have Buffy Season Four. They had, I wanted, so I got it. It cost me $7.99 of my own money to get it, which I could justify spending, rather than the $60.00 it would have cost me on my own otherwise. Sure, I could have gotten it cheaper, but with all of my favorite authors already purchased and nothing new coming out from them, and nothing I new that looks like I’ll even be remotely interested in reading, I figured it was better to get something, then and bet here, that I knew I’d immediately enjoy. Nothing wrong with that, right? Right.

I am, I think, finally in a really good position to work on improving myself financially. I am now putting away $250 a month into savings (some of that will help me through FiranCon and… well… spay the kitty, who is still an ungodly terror). This is the first month I’ve been able to do that. This is good. This will rebuild the nest egg. It will also enable me to become more independent, which I desperately want again. I’m in a position where I can start paying on my credit cards every month and NOT have to use them for anything at all, like… say…. groceries because I need to eat or gas because I ran out of money in my savings/checking account and need to get to work. I have just enough money budgeted between each paycheck to do that and save money and STILL have some to do other things. It may not be enough to do lots of fancy things, but once in awhile I can treat myself to something nice (like that new PS2 I just bought, but didn’t really need, because my other one died and I had games yelling at me to be played. PS. The rebate also helped with that decision, which I need to send in still.). It’s good to be in that position again. I missed it, sorely. I’m trying to be really, extremely careful with how I spend money, and OH, how I really, really, really, really, REALLY want my college loan to be paid off. I have about $1,800 out of the original $17,000 left to pay on. It’s almost paid off. I have 6 more months and then that money will be freed for something else. Then, that money can be used for something else – like ½ going to more savings and ½ going to helping to pay off my credit card bills.

What I don’t have is patience for any of this. I get very frustrated with everything, even though logically things will advance slowly. I want things to happen NOW NOW NOW, but they won’t. Must. Be. Patient. I’m trying. Hopefully there will not be any more unforeseen setbacks in my life that will require monetary intervention anytime in the near future. That will be a huge help, and help preserve my sanity.

In general, despite other frustrations I won’t go into, life is good. It could be better, sure, but everything is going well.

And, now, I think I’ve rambled way too much.


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Jan. 25th, 2006 01:09 pm (UTC)
*hugs* I am glad you came to the party. As for patience, 'there is only do and do not...there is no try'. :)
Jan. 26th, 2006 09:27 am (UTC)
keep the updates acomin
Feb. 17th, 2006 05:25 pm (UTC)
Nice to meet you too!
It was fun! (I stumbled on this late, but whatever. Still fun.)

-Kate (Lana)
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