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Flash... Otherwise Known as Kujo

The kitten appears to be getting better, and settling down some. I need to take some new pictures of her to post. I also want to try out the LJ picture gallery site too. The other night at dinner she decided that my foot was a nice play toy. She was batting it around, not at all using claws or teeth. This was a vast improvement. She stalked my hand and jumped up to get my arm, and I grabbed her by the paws. I eventually pulled her into my lap where she sat for a good 10 minutes while I pet her and scratched her behind the ears. What's more, she seemed to enjoy it! This is a first for her, and hopefully it won't be a last.

I almost kept her in my room the other night. I'm starting to trust her enough to think that she won't attack my face in the middle of the night, which has never been a concern for me with any of my other cats. She has a collar that jingles though, and she was like the energizer bunny, so I had to throw her out. Yesterday morning my cell phone, which is also my alarm clock, went off, but it did not go off in any place where it was supposed to (next to my head). Apparently while I was trying to sleep, she stole my cell phone (which has a nice dangly cloth handle to play with) and took it to the end of my bed. My alarm woke me up from the floor. I had to groggily search for it, but eventually I did find it.

These things are heartening, and I hope they continue. Kitty will be getting snipped sometime soon as well, and hopefully that'll settle her some too.



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Feb. 10th, 2006 06:41 am (UTC)
I love kittens!
Feb. 10th, 2006 09:20 pm (UTC)
I miss having a kitten. But I don't miss the zany, middle of the night rompfest across my bed. Hmm, may have to put l-box in the bedroom this weekend & see how Kapone does sleeping in this part of the house.
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