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Weekend Happenings

Weekends tend to be a bit of a hubbub of activity for me lately. It helps, somewhat, that I'm going to Glen Burnie every weekend and that I have a ton of great friends on the Western Shore of Maryland. This week, I managed to get over to Glen Burnie on Friday - which is something that's not been happening for me these last few weeks. I'm usually not prepared enough on Friday mornings to travel there straight from work.

So, Friday - I get to Glen Burnie in record time. It helped that we got off work at 3:00 pm that day. Our boss had a conference to go to next week and had last minute preparations to make, so she gave us the afternoon off - paid of course. Yay! So, I was there early. I got to the house, unpacked the replacement computers for the one I somehow killed last weekend and worked on putting things together. Jennifer pulls up and lets herself in around 4:30.

She does a few things; like putting the clothes away that she left sitting in the hallway of all places. We talk, briefly. I ask her about the information I sent Darrick about getting her apartment fixed. Apparently the apartment management company in Shrewsbury, PA is nothing short of a slum lord house. She'd had problems before with them in the past but all landlords use them. We discussed her plans for going about and getting her apartment fixed, and how the management company is saying they're not able to get into her apartment because the locks were changed - which she claims they have the keys to. It's all one big mess. Then, she tells me she's taking the dog and takes off.

Of course, I'm thinking to myself, again, that maybe she's just taking Maggie for a walk - but no, she's taking off with the dog again for parts unknown. Friday night was particularly uneventful for me after that. I got one of my computers up and running, and figured it was the large hard drive that was setting everything off - for some reason the computer didn't like it, so I put in my smaller hard drive and everything is happy now - including the new keyboard/mouse which is wireless. Yay!

So, 11:30 rolled around and Jennifer and Darrick still weren't back. I started to worry that maybe something happened. Silly me. I went to bed around that time, thinking I'd hear something if they arrived. I didn't. I only found out that they were home later that night because I woke up around 2:30. Their stuff was on the kitchen table. Now, I know. I shouldn't be worried about either one of them, but I've spent a large share of my life with Darrick and I don't want to see anything happen to him.

Saturday rolls around. I see Darrick and Jennifer for maybe an hour, if that. They got out of bed around 10:30. Darrick tells me he's taking his parents to the air port. They went to Florida for the week to visit with relatives and for a vacation. I very briefly got a chance to talk to him, but mostly it was small talk. I greeted his parents - and that was the most awkward situation ever. Darrick, Jennifer, Me and his parents. Blarg. He leaves the dog behind, takes off with his parents, and then he and Jen go off to the aquarium where they volunteer.

Me, I play around on the computer for a bit waiting until it was time for me to go to my D&D group. The members of the group, all of us, ended up going to Edo's Sushi for dinner before we went to play. Me, not being the particularly adventurous one and being very picky about my food, had beef teriyaki. I don't like sea food cooked, so I'm fairly sure I won't like it raw either. The game was interesting. I'd made a new character for it and was surprised that she got integreted fairly easily. Though, that was my goal - to find a character that would mesh well with that group. Lots of fun to be had.

I get home about 12:30. No dog, who I left behind, no Darrick and no Jennifer. Apparently, they took off Saturday night. I suspect they went to his parents' house for the night. I should be beyond caring about things by now, though it bothers me that it seems he thinks he needs to avoid me. I haven't gone out of my way to make things uncomfortable for them - except for showing up on the weekends. I've kept to myself, made small talk and generally tried not to be a nuissance. I don't know how much longer I can be nice to either one of them. I don't think I should have to be either. Not anymore.


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Feb. 23rd, 2004 07:31 am (UTC)
I don't think you should have to be anything. Certainly, be cordial -- that's good to just keep the peace. But being nice? Nah. You don't have to be.

Besides, if they're avoiding you so much now, think how it will be once you move in?
Feb. 23rd, 2004 08:39 am (UTC)
You're ahead of the game still chica -- most people would have broken out the frying pans and made that connection to the head. They're inconsiderate. You've got the moral high ground. Rar good D&D though!
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