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New Computer

After 12 years of being on a Macintosh 6500 Power PC and doing the maximum amount of upgrades and modifications I can make, it’s finally time to retire my desktop computer. This has been something I’ve been wanting to do for ages and ages, especially since the OS X Machines came out. Darrick had attempted to upgrade a computer for me that would be OS X compatible, and it worked for awhile, but some of the things he got for me just didn’t work with the system, so I always had issues with it never wanting to start. It was so annoying that I decided not to even bother trying to use that computer again – or to use it only in extreme emergencies. I also wouldn’t have put it past Darrick to sabotage it while I was living at our house, because it stopped working on more than one occasion.

What am I replacing my computer with? Well, seattlesparks mentioned the other night that she’d intended on selling her G4 Titanium Powerbook, pixel, now that she has the new MacBook. The price was right and so I decided to take her up on her offer. It is now in transit to Cloudy Maryland from Cloudy Seattle. I’ll be getting it on Tuesday, if all goes well with UPS, along with some other nice goodies we discussed. So, I’m sitting on my hands trying NOT to be excited about getting a slightly used but MUCH newer computer than my own. You cannot possibly imagine what sort of relief this will be to me, to have a computer that will WORK with all the more modernized programs, that I can run some of my OS X games on, etc. I will be very, very happy.

I have found myself going back over the Apple site to see what other things I can get for it. Those will be things that will need to wait as I need to be very careful with my money still. This was only made possible by the fact that I’m getting an ok tax refund. Not as good as last year or the previous years, but that was to be expected since I have a much better paying job this year. I’m making about $10,000 more than I was previously. I’ll take the better pay over the better tax refund any day, really. I also have some MyPoints to redeem on gift cards (http://www.mypoints.com/) – I can get them for places like Target, Circuit City, or even Walmart – so If I wanted to get an iPod I have enough points right now to be redeemed for anywhere between $150-$200 worth of gift cards. But, I am carefully biding my time and saving them, just in case there might be something else I prefer to spend my points on. Let the plotting begin!



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Mar. 2nd, 2006 07:30 pm (UTC)
I'm gonna suggest the first purchase be a laptop case. While Pix is a pretty light laptop, and thus easy to sling under an arm and carry, it's still nice to have a case for cords, etc. And you can get a nice sturdy Trager one for like $25... ;)
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