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Pixel Has Arrived...

Yesterday at lunch Pixel, my new, but slightly used Titanium Powerbook G4 laptop, arrived. I was very, very squeeful about its arrival and it came at the right time really -- lunch time. Rather than eatting in, I carefully unpacked everything, and took Pixel with me to lunch to check it out. Got my usual grilled chicken salad, no olives, extra ranch from Three Brothers, and sat down to eat. Normally, I take my food back to work. I ate, then went through Pixel to see what stuff got added and how the CVS files were set up and stuff and just generally getting acquainted with the computer.

Went home, got Virtual PC set up (yay!) and then attempted to download mail from the Power PC 6500. Owowowowowowowowow. Did I mention OW?! I knew my old computer was slow, but it became painfully clear yesterday just how slow it was. Aborted that process. Unhooked the cable from the router and took Pix over to my bed and settled in for the night. Computer in bed! Yay! This was a first. Spent part of the night RPing with my alt on Firan, while also comfortably watching television.

Before going to bed, briefly tested the DVD portion of the computer. Nice sound, nice quality picture. Very, very nice overall.

Today, I decided to attempt mail transfer again, so I set that up before I went off to work. Hopefully that will be done by the time that I get home. I want to start going through some of my files for Cuendillar and seeing if I can get them a bit more organized. My hope is that with CVS installed on the computer, I can start making directories for Cuendillar's files and start formatting the game's code and storing it offline somewhere. It's a long project, but something that I hope will be worthwhile in the end.


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Mar. 8th, 2006 09:54 pm (UTC)
Go Pixel!
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