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Home, Home on the Range....

This weekend I’m going to my father’s house to go for a visit. I’ve been trying to do that since February 12th, which was his birthday, but we were supposed to get a huge snow storm that weekend and he told me to stay home. That’s the same weekend the power went out for 3 days on us, so it was probably best I stayed home and didn’t go driving and such in it. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a means of going to visit since that time. Something keeps coming up each time I make pseudo plans to go home (when I think to myself – I’m going to go visit with Dad this weekend – and then something else comes up before I have a chance to ask him what he’s doing).

It’ll be good to go home, I think. I miss my dad and I miss my non-psycho getting extremely fat kitty. My father needs to lay off on giving him the Pounce treats, I think :P I also miss the horsies and I’ll get to see the two big puppy dogs (the horses) while I’m there. Who knows, maybe they’ll steal Pete’s (the real dog, my father’s border collie) frisbee from him again while I’m there. They’re very fond of taking his toys away from him when said toys wander accidentally into their pasture. They are big, friendly play machines.

Oddly enough, my father is coming back over /here/ this weekend to help my nephew, Henry, who’s in the Air Force and just back from Korea, find an apartment. He’s going to be stationed at Ft. Meade and work in the NSA. He’s a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force. I figure, despite the fact that I’ll be coming from this direction to go and visit with him, I can still go over tomorrow night. I mean to introduce my father to Pixel and show him the wonder that my computer is, and make him jealous. Yes yes! See, he’s very found of showing off his 5 brand new computers that he doesn’t need (and then subsequently complaints that he can’t afford them later) when he gets them, or showing off some other new toy he’s bought and doesn’t need, when I visit, so now… now it is my turn. My laptop can run circles around his any day! Plus, itsa Mac! Bonus! And, I’ll have stuff to do there on a computer I’m comfortable with again (thankfully) and not have to bug him to use his.

Looking forward very much for the company of family.


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