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Theatre and Horses (mostly Horses)

I haven’t heard from Ronnie yet about the theatre company in Bowie. Nancy is going to check with him to see what’s going on with that. Hopefully I’ll hear something soon about it. Still have dreading and half excited about the prospect of getting back into the theatre.

Visiting with my father this weekend, I realized just how much I’ve missed being with horses. I decided to go pay a visit to Lady, my father’s arthritic horse, and ended up helping my sister get her back in her halter (she’d sneakily taken it off herself), and then I proceeded to help with grooming her. She’s very old now, and she’s got an obvious thyroid problem, and so her winter coat was getting all matted as she started shedding. We took care of that to make her more comfortable, and it was obvious just how much she loved the attention.

Just seeing her preen her neck, look back at us, and lowering her head gently so she could get scritches was more than enough to pull at my heartstrings. I mean, she was definitely no replacement for Whinney, my horse who died several months after my mother did, but when I did ride her, which was not very often, she and I did manage to bond and get along. It was good to see that part of that bond was still there, and she was happy for the attention.

After grooming Lady, I went over to say hello to Fancy and Pooh (short for Pooh Bear), otherwise known as The Girls. They’re the big puppy dogs I talked about earlier. Each received handfuls of grass, which is probably sweeter and shinier than what’s in their pasture, and were happy for it. They each got their own attention from me, before Loretta started untangling their manes yet again. I’ve never seen a dirtier, more playful pair of horses ever. These two put the capital T into trouble, but I suppose that’s what makes them so personable.

I’d really, really like to get one again, but realistically right now I can’t afford it – even if I decided to save my money for one. I miss riding rather terribly. Maybe I can find a place where I can go on trail rides semi-regularly, so I can get back into it, but there’s really no substitute for having your own, going off on long rides, and simply feeling the wind on your face as you lope/canter along.


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