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Easter Update

This weekend was good, but it could have been better than what it was. I decided not to go home to my father’s on Friday night because I knew the traffic would be bad. There’s nothing like trying to battle Bay Bridge traffic on a weekend that’s beautiful enough to bring out the Ocean City geek squad out as people try to travel there for the weekend, especially a long holiday weekend. It’s getting to be that time of year again. Instead, I decided to go out to a movie on a whim and went to see Take the Lead. It was a cute movie and was a nice sort of pick me up – which is something I sorely needed lately.

Unfortunately the pick me up wasn’t going to last long. As I got home and settled in for the night I noticed that I was feeling awfully sniffly, and lo and behold when I awoke the next morning I had a scratchy throat, was listless and just wanted to generally stay in bed all day. I ended up doing mostly that, until it came time to drag myself up and out of bed to get ready to go to my dad’s house. It took all of the strength that I had in order to get my things together and drive home.

When I got home, no one was there. No messages, nothing. I completely spaced that my father and my sister Loretta were going to an estate auction. I didn’t realize that they were going to be gone all day. Neither did they apparently. No sooner did I get to my father’s house and finish explaining online that my father was no where to be seen did he come driving up our lane. It figured. It’s what usually happens when I’m worried about him and just getting home to a similar situation. But, while I often complain about him, I do generally worry about my father – especially now that he lives alone.

Saturday evening was a short one for me. I was getting worse and so I eventually laid on the sofa in the living room, watched Remember the Titans which was showing on TNT and then remember very vaguely getting some Nyquil PM and zonking out on the sofa as The Replacements was coming on. Zzzzzzzz. I fell asleep within the first fifteen minutes of the show. Woke up 20 minutes later and went to bed around 8:45, which is supremely early for me. Didn’t get up on Easter Sunday until 10ish-11ish. Much sleep was required.

Easter was pretty laid back. Woke up, chilled downstairs for a bit. Checked things online and then pretty much found a spot where I’d be out of the way. Started cutting up cheese for the cheese & cracker tray that I started serving one year a few years ago and has somehow become a holiday tradition for us. Loretta worked on the veggie tray. Handling cheese was enough for me. We always manage to get too much, since we never know who in the family will be coming to dinners. Took out the cheesecake from the freezer so it’d be thawed in time for dessert. Around 2, people started to arrive for dinner. Yay.

My sister Susan and her husband David arrived first. They usually do. They immediately started in on the cheese and veggie trays. My nephews Henry and Shawn came next, followed by their sister-in-law Diane and her three children, my great-nieces, Shirley, Bri and Chloe. It’s really hard to believe that Shirley is about 11-12 now. I remember when she was just a wee baby who used to come through my mine in the grocery store when I used to work for the local Acme Markets. Diane used to get try to get her to call me Aunt Lisa, which just wasn’t happening. I refuse to be an Aunt. Too young. Yep. Er. Well, I was at the time anyway. Still refuse. My sister Sherry and her husband followed afterwards – Shawn, Henry, Diane and the children are all part of Sherry’s family. Diane is married to Sherry’s son Perry.

Dinner was good. I spent the majority of the time in the kitchen this holiday because I just wasn’t plain feeling good and I wanted the girls to have a chance to eat at the “big” people’s table for a change. Usually, they are stuck eating in the kitchen away from everyone else. I think it was a nice change for them. Besides, Henry came in and sat with me and we got to catch up. He’s been away for the last several years due to his service in the military. He’s in the Air Force. Those of you who read my posts might know he just recently returned from Korea and we helped him get settled into an apartment close to where I work in Odenton recently. It was nice to catch up and spend some time with him. Maybe we can coax some interesting service stories out of him later now that he’ll be stationed here for the next three years – or so we hope. Lots can happen in three years.

Eventually everyone left and it was time for me to get home – I was feeling pretty tired by that time but wanted to wait and see everyone off before leaving myself. Packed up and hoped to hell I wouldn’t fall asleep in the car on the way home. Was pretty worried about that a few times. Considering I woke up feeling a bit better in the morning I didn’t realize how much energy I drained during the day and how bad off I was. Went home and went to bed early, but not as early as on Saturday. All in all it was a very good weekend and it was very nice to see everyone again. There were many good conversations, some of which were too long in waiting to be had.



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