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Fishing Anyone?

It is definitely spring, and because it is spring I find myself wanting to do some more outside stuff this year. Oddly enough, as much as I don’t like eating seafood, I want to go fishing. My dad has two cabin cruisers that he barely even uses. One of the boats needs some repairs before it’s water ready, but the other one works just fine.

I am thinking of seeing if he wants to go out on the Chesapeake Bay sometime soon, as I really enjoyed going out on the Delaware Bay with him last year. It was nice to be out on the water, which is something I hadn’t really done on a boat like that since I was 18 – last time we went camping at St. Jane’s Island State Park in Chrisfield, MD. About the ONLY thing you can do there is fish and crab – usually I crabbed along the piers and dock. Yes, again, oddly enough since I hate seafood. Stupid little crabs are mean and need to die a horrible death by being boiled alive. Haha! Er. Yeah.

Anyway, if I somehow cajole my father into going fishing, are any locals interested in tagging along? Really, I don’t think it’ll take much arm twisting, since I’m pretty sure he’d jump at a chance to spend time with me out on the water. He’s my dad, he misses me. It’s about a 23 ft boat, if I remember right, so one or two people aside from my father, possibly my sister, and myself can fit on the boat – comfortably. Any more than that and we’re probably walking all over one another. By the way? I claim the bow. That’s my sitting spot!

Post here if it might be something that interests you!


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Apr. 26th, 2006 03:46 pm (UTC)
*laugh* I LOVE fishing and loved crabbing when I lived on a lagoon in NJ...but can't eat the darn things due to an allergy to all seafood :P

I'm so glad to know I'm not alone in liking to do these things despite not eating them :P
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