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WoW Updatedness

Due to the price of gas, and being financially strapped right now, I’ve been staying home for the weekends. This is probably the best thing for me to do in the long run anyway, as I’m not tempted to spend any money really (even if I could over the internet, I very rarely do). My weekends have mostly been spent playing World of Warcraft (WoW).

I’ve been playing the game since March 13th. My first character was a human Paladin, Elisiana. I got her to level 30 in less than 30 days then immediately grew bored with her. I started a human Warlock, Raemira – but discovered that she started in the same areas as the Paladin did, and quickly ditched her at level 13. I started a night elf Druid, Tygaera after that, who is currently level 20. I discovered I REALLY liked the night elf realm. I played her for a few weeks, and then decided I just didn’t have enough characters. I still needed different scenary, so I started a tauren Shaman, who has been sitting since that initial scene and is level 7. Then, an undead Priest, who is also level 7 and has also been sitting. The horde stuff doesn’t seem all that interesting or appealing to me at the moment, though I’m sure I’ll go back. I started two more alliance characters, Lyriana, who is currently a level 8 gnome Mage and Ylanna who is a level 8 drawf Hunter. Elisiana, the paladin, just made it to level 34 the other night.

I’ve been alternating between characters and trying out different professions. I’ve been trying to get to know the world better so I know which areas to travel to and which to avoid with my other alts. Mostly, I don’t group. I do sometimes, but in general, I try not to. I like doing stuff on my own. I like figuring things out. I like less XP time to level :P However, I think I am getting too focused on doing stuff for the professions. It’s slowing me down. I need to focus more on the quests and less on the professions, even if the professions are cool. They are time sucks. I also need to stop being a spend thrift. I never have the money I need for the stuff I want :P But, I guess that is the nature of the beast when you’ve got so many skills and things to learn.

More WoW will be happening tonight. I’ve finally found a nice level of multi-tasking so I can play WoW and RP on the games I play on at the same time, which suits me very much. I can kill stuff in between the lengthy wait poses sometimes takes. Though, for quicker paced scenes like last evening’s Oshta dinner, I have to forgo WoW entirely – though scenes like that are well worth putting off WoW.




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May. 4th, 2006 03:44 pm (UTC)
I found this to be true too - I played a human paladin before I settled into a Gnome Mage. I like playing a spellcaster more than a melee class by far.

I have found playing on a PVP server also adds a whole new dynamic to the game. Areas that are contested are like - scary. :)
May. 4th, 2006 06:03 pm (UTC)
I have an orc hunter that I started on Dentarg, but the horde just doesn't appeal to me at the moment. I think I just need to get bored with the other options I have so far, with all the characters I'm juggling now, to take an interest again. The orc hunter, I think, is level 6 or 8 or somewhere along those lines.

I've also decided that how drab the area seems, the less visual candy there, the less likely I'm to stay interested. I think that's why the night elf appealed to me most at first. Much visual candy. Seems silly, but it kept my interest.
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