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Saturday's Challenge

So, today I decided I wanted to do more than just sit around the house and be a potato, which I normally do on weekends. Being so close to Arundel Mills (it's only 5 miles away, I checked the mileage) and having never gone there except to drive around it once, I decided today was a day of adventure.

So, I went to Arundel Mills and walked around the mall. I only went into two stores - the book store and the Wizards of the Coast store which is going out of business (bummer). Realy, I had no intention of purchasing anything today, other than a much larger book shelf for my books. I noted some stores that I'd like to go back to, and noted the ones that were far too expensive for me to even consider. Even if there /is/ a sales rack (Off 5th Avenue anyone?). I also lamented at some of the stores with decorating materials and how I'm very bad at that sort of thing. My sister is right, I have no sense of interior decorating, and I'm sure Darrick doesn't either.

I parked at the Medieval Times end of the mall. When I go to the movie theater end, I decided since I had nothin better to do today that I'd catch a flick. Don't ask which one, I'm too embarrased to say. But, it was a nice breather from sitting around the house, which is something I needed desperately. Once the movie was over, I finished looking around and then went home.

After going home, I visited FiranMux and Cuendillar briefly - two online RPGs that I play on - and then headed out into the reat blue yonder once more. I decided I was going to go to Walmart to get that book shelf I mentioned above. Yet, I didn't exactly get to Walmart. Instead, I decided to check out two stores I hadn't gone into yet, but were on the way to Walmart. That's Big Lots - a supposed discounted goods store - and Target. I've always pased them, but never stopped.

I discoverd that Big Lots doesn't really have dicounted goods. Most of the stuff in there costs just about the same as it would in a normal store. Bah! Even if it is second hand mechandise (damaged goods). Though, there was a nice kitchen table there that I liked, I'm just not paying the price they had on it. They had the shelf I wanted too, but were out of stock. So, I went to Target next to look around. It's alright, I guess. Less stuff than Walmart, and much of the same. I did find my shelf though and ended my shopping trip there. A nice 5 shelf unit for $30. Yay!

I brought the shelf home - which is heavy by the way - and got it into the house by myself. Then, I assembled it - all without mishap. It stands next to my much smaller 3 shelf unit that holds all of my gaming books (D&D, Shadowrun, White Wolf and Star Wars). What will I put on it? Well, I've got a ton of fantasy books that now have a new home, and that means I can bring the remainder of my books from Centreville to Glen Burnie.

Eventually, I will get a desk for my computer. But for now my small table will suffice. Poor table. I promise it that I will get a desk as soon as I get a beter paying job!

All in all, today was a good day. Now, just need to go to Baskin Robbins and get myself a clown cone to celebrate my accomplishment!


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