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Busy Week and FiranCon Preparations

This week is crazy hectic. Part of it is my fault. I knew in the back of my mind that I needed to go shopping this past weekend and get the things done I wanted to get done, but instead I just couldn’t find the motivation to go out and do the things I needed to do. Mainly, that was shopping for more clothes. I only got two shirts and a pair of shorts the weekend before, which does not for a new wardrobe make. Part of the reason for the lack of motivation, I’m quite sure, has to do with how disappointed I was with shopping the week before.

I absolutely hate shopping. I abhor it. There is nothing worse in the world than going out and finding cute outfits that you’d absolutely love to own, but can’t, because they don’t fit right, either because of the size, cut or shape of the outfit. It’s infuriatingly frustrating and demoralizing. It just plain sucks.

Today, today I need to go and put myself through that again. It’s not a want to do so, it’s a need. Most of my clothes are either old or stained or just not fit for plain consumption. They need to be replaced. Sadly, I have this knack of ruining things with stains the first time I wear them. I have not work the new clothes I bought just yet, due to a fear that’s what’ll happen.

My schedule for this week:

Tuesday (Today): Go to Storage Unit – Clean out Car, Grab White Board, Go Shopping, Do Laundry, Pack PS2 & Karaoke Games for Con, Pre-Pack Clothing for Con, Finish Arranging Helpers, Mail Legal Seafood Goers

Wednesday: Go to Dad’s, Have Dinner with Dad, Get Camera, Grab Suitcase, Crash at Dad’s

Thursday: Finish Con Packing (transfer to suitcase), Go to Steph and Adam’s, Stuff LARP Packets, Print Badges, Print Door Tags, Print and/or Pickup Con Program at Kinkos, Help with Other Con Foo, Dinner at Legal Seafood, After Dinner Foo – whatever that turns out to be for me personally, Go to Hotel, Hang Out, Crash, Make Snack Foods for Meet & Greet Grocery List

Friday: Wake Early Firanite Helpers, Go Grocery Shopping, Possibily Alcohol Shipping, Make Friday Snacks, Get Firanites to Make Badges (pull apart badges, stuff in plastic), Post Door Tags, Set Up Con Suites, Hang Out, Party Crash

It seems like a lot. It feels like quite a bit. Some of it, like printing off badges and the door tags and stuff, seems bigger than it really is. It'll be fine. I'll just be glad when I know some of it is done. ;) So, while I am slightly stressed, I'm starting to let myself relax a bit more as things start to come more and more together.

However, I have this feeling I'm probably forgetting something pretty huge, but I think I have all of my bases covered.



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May. 23rd, 2006 01:45 pm (UTC)
I am still up for doing teh shopping with you at some point this weekend - I know the seester wants to check out Old Navy, so maybe on Sunday or something there should be a trip to teh Mall for teh Clothes?
May. 23rd, 2006 02:00 pm (UTC)
Sunday, I will be dead tired from partying and there's the Temptations Party that I might be going to, which your seester is hosting. I'll be shopping for clothing tonight, because I want to get stuff before the Con. Sorry the schedules didn't work out very well to do it on Friday.


Perhaps another time? It'd be fun to go out and be girly for a change.
May. 23rd, 2006 02:26 pm (UTC)
Sure thing! we will do a fun shopping trip some time. Yay girly!
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