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Projects and Computers

Last night I started working on a coding project for Cuendillar yesterday. It’s a bigger project than what I’m used to and with lots more parts than what I’m used to, and I figure by the time I get it done I won’t want to code ever again. I have a very difficult time coding, and usually have to hunt and peck for help files what it is I need to do. Yesterday was an exercise in brackets and –‘s, since I’m coding, formatting it via a text program, and using the unformatter to upload it to the copy of the game I have running on pixel for testing purposes.

It’s an exercise in patience, not just because of the code, but because pixel sometimes has to be coaxed along. I’ve started looking into process and pricing for fans at http://www.powerbookmedic.com. Just need to take another gander at pixel’s specs again to make sure I order the right parts. I see now why they quoted approximately $600.00 for the repairs. It wasn’t so much the case as it was the logic board component that was so much – which they didn’t explain. It looks like I could get a replacement top piece of the case, where the crack is, for a fairly nice price as well if I wanted to. I’m just a bit wary of replacing it myself. The alternative is to get all the parts and then take it to CompUSA to get them to put it all together for me or something like that. We’ll see.

I’m also looking into one of those cooling stands so that when I do finally have the fans fixed, the computer will be less likely to overheat if it has something to sit on. Air flow will be around it, and the bottom won’t get as hot. This would be a good thing to have, in general, I think. Though, I don’t think I’ll wait until the fans get here to get one. I might go out and get it tonight or something, or at least sometime this week. That’s the plan, anyway. I have a few other things at Best Buy to get as well, so I might as well make the trip worth making.


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