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This year I set a rather ambitious goal for myself to start saving money. I put myself on a strict budget, that I’m mostly sticking to, and have money deposited into my ING Direct account every paycheck so I can’t immediately touch it. Bills get paid on payday so I know exactly how much money I have available to spend each bi-weekly period.

I have specific things that I am saving for, in no specific order:

1) Vegas Vacation
2) FiranCon 2007
3) Seattle Trip
4) A House (The Bigger Goal)
5) Return Trip to Disney World

Obviously, there are going to be bumps in the road before I get to my larger goal. I really, really want to be able to get my own house. I look around and see that most of my friends are already settled into a place of their own, and for me it is a source of discomfort not having a place to call mine. Someplace that I can call absolutely and completely all mine.

Don’t get me wrong. Living with Nancy and Scott is very nice. They leave me be. I do my own thing. I don’t get in the way, yadda yadda. Just. It’s not mine. It’s theirs. Even my apartment, as much as I loved it and didn’t want to leave, wasn’t mine. And, my father’s house wasn’t mine either.

I want a place that I can call my own and to be able to decorated it and settle in and just… settle in. It’s a long term goal. I just have to have patience, and keep the spending down. Just, with the growing housing prices, that goal seems very much out of reach anymore, and that makes the possibility seem farther and farther away. At the prices houses are selling for these days, most mortgage payments will be twice what I make in a month in this area, even at the 30 year mark.

The good thing is that within the next two months my college loan will be paid off, and that’ll be a large financial hindrance that is no longer on my back. That’s if I have my way with how I pay my bills in these few months and can juggle things appropriately. Even with my budget, there are some little meanderings I have to wiggle around to make ends meet. I must be patient and not let myself get depressed at how big this goal really is.


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