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KA-CHOW: Weekend Update...

This weekend wasn’t as lazy as most, but it definitely had some lazy aspects to it.

Friday I went over to stephdray and adamdray’s house for a home cooked meal, along with Brandon, godessdiania, ironman and gwyndon. While it’s not the first time I had Steph’s cooking, it is the first time I had a whole meal at her house. Usually, when visiting, it’s been snackish foods and the like she’s made for parties. We had shepherd’s pie, grilled vegetables and chocolate mousse. All of it was very, very good. We chatted about all sorts of different things, and watched The 40 Year Old Virgin. I stayed until about 12:30ish or so, and given that it was late determined it was time to toddle off home since I have a somewhat longish drive now. I stayed up until about 4:00 am afterwards, playing WoW and trying to catch some of my characters up on stuff.

Saturday I spent the entire day lazing about the house. I woke up around 10:00 am, decided I wasn’t happy with being up and slept for another hour. Got up at 11:00 am and started futzing with computer stuff, checking things out on Firan and Cuendillar, etc, but decided I really wasn’t in too much of a mood to RP, so I settled for watching television and watching some of my back TiVo’d things. Alias was the name of the game for my Saturday viewing pleasure. I also watched Never Been Kissed, since I finally owned the movie, and felt oddly satisfied with watching it. It was certainly, a bit better than I did with my Thursday night Romantic Movie Spree. I suppose it had the elements of Romanticism my soul needed at the time, which surprises me. I didn’t think it would. I went on with Sweet Home Alabama and then started to watch How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, because everyone needs to see the scene with Princess Sophia to get a good giggle – though I think I fell asleep, woke up, and turned things off before it got to that point.

Sunday was a day of adventure for me, in more sense of the word than I had hoped for. Grump. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good day. Just, the sort of adventure I had, I would have been better off NOT having. One of my contacts ripped last week. RIP little guy! I decided rather than waiting forever to get a new pair, because really I can’t stand to wear my glasses longer than until noon most days, to go ahead and go get a new pair. Doctor’s Vision Works is in Arundel Mills, which usually needs no appointments to go into and runs specials on things there. Get there, go through the exam, get the trial pair until mine come in, and go to pay. This is where the adventure comes in…. I go to pay with my credit card which I know has plenty of money. Credit card does not swipe properly, so they key it in. Declined. Try again, just in case she entered something wrong. Declined. This is equally frustrating and embarrassing. So, I use my Bank of America Card for half, in case I misremembered how much I had on my Discover card, which keeps coming back declined. That goes through. Key in the other half on the Discover. Declined. Thoroughly frustrated at this point, I go to the ATM to pull money from my bank card (thank goodness for Line of Credit protection) and just pay in cash. Did not want to do this because, as I noted just now, it came out of my Line of Credit rather than funds I actually had there. That is being paid off ASAP. Contacts paid for, I decided I needed a Pick Me Up.


So, if you’ve seen Cars, you’d know that Lightning McQueen’s favorite show off word is…. KA-CHOW! (strikes a pose)

Absolutely amazing movie! I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I went to go see it. It’s got a cute little storyline, which goes to show that it’s better not to do things alone – friends are your greatest strength. The graphics were outstanding, and Matar is absolutely adorable. You know, like TOW– Mater. :) Hee!

I left the theatre feeling… fulfilled? I suppose that is the best way to look at it, though it’s hard to explain really. Whatever it was, it was a good feeling, and I was happy. Happiness is a thing that usually escapes me these days, so I readily took what I got!

When I got home I called Dad to wish him a Happy Father’s day and chatted for a bit. I made tentative plans to go home this weekend since the following weekend I’ll be going to Steph and Adam’s for AdamCon. I’ll be missing the family BBQ for the 4th since he actually has to work on the 4th of July. He was planning on doing it that Sunday. Instead though, as long as his boat is ready, we’ll be going out on the water next weekend and maybe fishing. Maybe not. Hopefully… this year… we won’t have a storm chasing us ashore.


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