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Random Thoughts...

Now that I am in a stable housing situation, at least for the moment, I should reconsider starting up my subscription to Writer’s Digest again.

This comes from bludiscus asking me about any academic courses I might be interested in as part of my call for challenges. The only courses I think I’d consider at this moment are something to do with creative writing and/or editing. I used to be pretty good at editing, but I think my skills over the years have gone to the doghouse. As for the creative writing, it’d be nice to have something prodding me along to spark ideas and force me to put coherent thought to paper again.

I absolutely adored the playwriting class I took with T. M. at Washington College.. He was one of three Drama professors I had there. He challenged us to go outside of the norm and never made fun of the work that we did, which was quite unlike the class I took there under Professors Day for creative writing. Day’s class colored my experiences with writing altogether, and made me never want to write another thing again. T. M’s class turned that experience around.

I haven’t really written anything of substance since the playwriting class 10 years ago. It is time to settle in and dig down.

Oh, and the point of my opening statement? Writer’s Digest has some nice little things in it which prompt you to write every day, plus has other useful tips and quirks used in writing and getting published and what not. That’s not to say that I’d be writing to get published. I wouldn’t. I’d be writing for me.



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