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Sharing My Dreams...

Tuesday my dream was rather intense. It was enough that I can remember, exactly, a great many of the details. A large number of people I know were gathered at a hotel for the weekend. It felt like FiranCon, but I knew that it wasn’t FiranCon. It was another event, or for some reason we all just gathered together just for the heck of it. I had to keep reassuring myself that I was not the organizer of this event. I wondered what night I was, and had to reassure myself that I was not, in any way, responsible for food for Friday night.

For some reason adamdray drove me to the hotel, where we eventually met stephdray, and tabbifli and her husband JT were in attendance as well. Adam and I kissed a couple of times, which seemed to shock Tabbi. We all gathered in a large room and started chatting about things, just like during normal con events. People were in the hallways, forming the gauntlet, and wandering back and forth.

The last thing I remember is wandering up the stairs and going into what was supposed to be my room. My phone rang, which woke me up. It’s my alarm for work.

Wednesday my dream somehow involved stephdray and adamdray yelling at me for something Firan related (and no it was not related to the previous dream at all, that much I know), that eventually lead to me stepping down and leaving the game. I don’t know what the issue was, but I recall feeling extremely angry and unhappy over it, even betrayed. Thankfully, I woke up and it was /just/ a dream. I don’t like dreams that involve my friends being mad at me, for any reason.

Last night I know I dreamed something, and I was left with feelings and impressions, but this morning even those are gone.

It’s funny what you tend to remember with the things that you dream, and what you don’t remember. It’s also extremely annoying that my dreams tend to start and go on right about during the time I almost need to wake up. It is the suck.

Please note, it is VERY rare for me to dream about the people I know, much less doing anything at all with them. When I do dream about the people I know, it usually involves my mother in some fashion. I find it very odd that for two nights in a row I had dreams with people from my life. I also don’t put any meaning into my dreams.

The one recurring one that occasionally keeps cropping up is that somehow my mother never died. My father, instead, faked her death and sent her off somewhere to be treated for her cancer. She came home after a few years, completely cured. I have to then deal with my anger at my father, and keep reassuring myself that she’s alive within the dream. We talk, hug, do stuff together. Time passes within the dream, fast forwards sometimes to different events and things that happen; celebrations, parties, have private conversations, etc. Sometimes, those dreams pick up where I left off. Other times, it starts over. These dreams are the hardest to wake up from, because those mere moments I do manage to have are very precious to me, and I remember enough about them to know that she’s still out there for me, somewhere, in spirit.



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Jul. 14th, 2006 04:31 pm (UTC)
I like dreams in which I'm kissing you, even if they're not MY dreams! Be assured that Steph and I are not mad at you. We adore you and value your friendship and all your staffly goodness.

As for dreams about your mother, cherish the dreamtime you have with her, and live the life she would want you to live.

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