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More on Dance....

In my never ending search to find a place that I can possibly take classes at, I stumble upon this:

A link to the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

Not only does the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts have dancing classes, but also acting classes. Woot! Not that I specifically need to attend acting classes, but anything that lets me have the creative outlet that I've been craving over the last year or so is a vast improvement over the empty nothing that has been hanging over my head.

You cannot possibly imagine how absolutely frustrating it has been to even get accepted as a /VOLUNTEER/ at the local theatres in this area, and so, on that note, I have given up on Bowie, for good. Theatres of Bowie, MD, you are too stuck up for your own good! Get over yourself!

That being said, I'm starting to get excited again. Yes, it means I need to finaggle my wallet to cooperate with said classes, but this is specifically why I've also set up a Rainy Day account at ING Direct my lovely, wonderful internet bank that keeps raising my interest rate every so often (yay 4.5 percent!). I decided to create a second linked account with them, from which I deposit approximately $25 a paycheck, and haven't touched it yet. I've got enough money in there to attend a series of the classes, maybe even two series of the classes, if I want.

Now... I just have to decide which bullet to bite.

1) Adult Acting Classes
2) Adult Ballroom Dance
3) Both

There's also the link that bludiscus gave me to check out for belly dancing. I'm not as excited about the belly dancing, as I'm just not sure I can get over my own discomfort of being uncoordinated to even think about attempting that yet, but I think once I attempt ballroom, and see that I'm not a hopeless blob, that I'd be more interested in attempting it. Granted, the belly dance classes I was looking at don't start until September.

Or, I may just be daring and try the belly dancing stuff too. Who knows?

I've chosen dancing because I need something that challenges me in my life, and that will have hard, fast results that I can see. Right now, there's nothing out there that's giving me any sort of challenge. Yes, I might suck, but in the end I'll suck less once I know what I'm doing. It's also something, I think, which will help build up my depleted sources of confidence, which went out the window in the "break-up", proving to myself that I really don't need anyone at my side to do the things I love or want to do. I know that already, but eh... that proof is still required somewhere deep within.

More importantly, I need that creative outlet. It's food for the soul and that part of my soul just hasn't been getting the food it needs for the last four or five years now. Granted, that's my own fault, and I'm not laying blame on anyone but myself, but it's time to put an end to it and to be fed. I'm a person who thrives on creative expression, and it's nigh time I get to it, and who says you can't have fun while trying to make that sort of accomplishment?


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Jul. 16th, 2006 05:56 pm (UTC)
Being a theatre major I say you should go for acting classes.
Having taken a ballroom dancing class this past semester I say you should go for that.
Both being the case, I think you should definitely do both if you can afford it. Good creative outlet+fun dance class=Happiness. :-)
Jul. 17th, 2006 12:39 am (UTC)
Do you want me to see if I have a belly dance DVD around for you to try out, see if you like it?
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