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WoW & Stuff...

Nancy, my housemate, continues to surprise me with her generosity. She called last night while I was still at work asking me to put the lasagna in the oven that we were going to have for dinner. She asked me to note the time, and that she’d be up by my room to find out when it got started. Easy enough to do, so I agreed, did that, and settled in to get caught up on Firan Mux and Cuendillar MUSH as I do every afternoon once getting home. Scroll back needs to be read, etc, etc,.

Nancy comes up as planned and says, “Here, I was in the store today and thought you might like this.” What was this you ask? Well, she bought me the World of Warcraft Atlas, because she knows I play the game and enjoy playing it. Totally unexpected and completely unnecessary, but she is always doing things like that. The gift was very much appreciated.

This book is amazing. I hadn’t really thought about getting a “cheat” guide for World of Warcraft. While this isn’t necessarily a cheat guide, it’s pretty darn close. Quests and dungeon maps are not outlined, so no game specific information is given away. However, every known map and every bit of information about the location of mobs, herbs & minerals, vendors, rare mobs, flight points, area connection points, etc, is in there. That’s more than an abundance of useful information without needing cheats. Not only that, but the maps are very well detailed, and there’s a fantastic index and chart of all the trainers and where they can be found. The book even came with bookmarks so you could mark your favorite pages, designed with pictures of the various character types of the game; dwarves, elves, humans, orcs, etc, etc.

I haven’t yet tried out this fantabulous book with WoW, but I intend to do so sometime soon. First, I have some plotted foo I need to finish up with Taleena on Firan, and that’s my first priority. We’re in Vahloria right now, searching for the potion woman who escaped to that area. It’s an interesting time, and that’s all I’m going to say on that front. Everyone will need to find out ICly what happened. *sagenods*



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