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Elevators & PTSS....?

You’re supposed to have dreams about the potentially stressful things you are doing before you actually do them, not after. I think I’m potentially having some PTSS issues regarding FiranCon, which I find odd. It’s been well over a month since the event has been over. I can’t seem to stop dreaming about it.

This time…. (long breath)

This time I remember driving into the parking lot of the hotel. The printer is in my car, and I sigh about needing to bring it inside. Not really wanting to. I get into the hotel, check in and head to the elevator. A woman walks in, I follow her in. She seems to take issue with this and leaves, and then people crowd in after she leaves. She seems to change her mind and decides to come back on, but is grumpy about it.

The elevator gives a groan, like there’s too much weight on it. It churns and churls. The doors close. It goes up, with much protest. I fervently hope that it doesn’t stop midway and the cables don’t break. Luckily, they do not. The doors open again, letting people out, but for some reason it starts rocking back and forth, through the door (even though technically that’s not possible). Apparently the doors were as larger than the elevator, allowing it to do this.

Concerned, I jump off rather than linger. I start going down the hall where a second elevator is, which is presumably toward my room. I find the second elevator in the same predicament, but only in this case bluekitsune is hanging from the top of it, like a monkey, squealing in delight, and asking if I want to ride that particular elevator. I give her a very dubious look and tell her no, I do not wish to ride the swinging elevator.

Somehow, somewhere in there I manage to get back downstairs. I needed to move my car, or wanted to. I’m not sure which. I’m very annoyed about the elevator issue at this point.

After that my phone alarm rings and I wake up….

Talk about weird and unusual!


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