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Weekend Happenings...

Friday I went to Easton to visit with Eric and Debbie. Since Eric was gaming, Debbie and I elected to go to dinner that evening, and then meet up a bit later with Eric. We went to Ruby Tuesday’s in Easton, which isn’t hard to get to at all. We had a nice dinner, and some time to chat where some surprising elements about their relationship were revealed. I wasn’t sure what to tell Debbie. I’ve known Eric longer and since I hadn’t really hung out with them in a long time I didn’t feel that I was the best person to give advice on their situation. It was one of those complicated scenarios that make you go: erk.

I followed Debbie back to their place. They live in St. Michaels. I’d only been there once before and that was on their wedding day, just a little over a year ago. So, needless to say, I’d forgotten where they lived since I hadn’t been back. Everything came back to me once I followed her there. Getting to their place is a pretty easy endeavor.

I greeted Eric and Ed, Eric’s friend who I already knew, and was introduced to their friend Joe. It turns out Joe and I went to high school together, he used to work at my college in the dining hall, and he used to work or go to a gaming store where I used to get books in Chestertown. Yes, dinky, tiny little rural Chestertown, MD had a gaming store; at least for a brief period of time anyway. We talked a bit before the others, Nate and Mike, arrived. More introductions were made, and it turns out that Mike’s brother was in several of my classes. He apologized on his brother’s behalf. Apparently, Norman hasn’t changed much :P

I sat, listened and talked to them for a few hours, egging on Eric and giving him a hard time. Hey, I hadn’t seen him since October, so he was overdue. They spent several hours discussing which of the RPG games they were going to play. I think some of them included, D&D 3.5 edition, Heavy Metal, Battletech and 7 Seas. Most people wanted to play D&D, and were waiting for Mike to cave in, who was the only hold out in the game. Once they decided they started making characters. I stayed until they were done making characters and were ready to RP, leaving around 9:00 pm. I was able to find my way home just fine.

Saturday was my sister Susan’s cookout. The day was absolutely perfect for a cookout, with nice sunny skies and a light, cool breeze keeping the day nice and comfortable all day. The morning I lounged around, checking on WoW and Firan before heading off with my father and my oldest sister, Loretta, to go to the cookout. Since we were all at dad’s one car was the optimum choice. When we got there, we spent some time greeting their horses: Katty, a registered paint, Katty Hawk, Hawk for short, Katty’s son and a registered paint, Light Breeze – aka Lily, a registered Arabian, and Breezy, Lily’s son, who is an unregistered paint. They also have Lil’ Dude, which is their miniature horse. They are all very, very beautiful horses.

For lunch/dinner we had a veggie tray with Susan’s ranch dressing, which was gone in no time at all. We had hamburgers and hotdogs, potato salad and macaroni salad and deviled eggs. Of course, the flies thought it was all just as delicious as we did because as soon as the food was set on the table they started to hover. David, Susan’s husband, attempted to light tiki torches to make them go away, but they didn’t help. They were not the citronella kind. Rather than fight with the flies I grabbed my food and ran indoors, as did Melissa, Susan’s daughter who was visiting right before going back to college in South Carolina.

We sat around watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets until it was over, and then I managed to steal Susan’s copy of Goblet of Fire, after determining that Loretta had Prisoner of Azkeban, so we could do a movie marathon of Harry Potter once we got home. I was able to finish watching both movies, after some DVD malfunctioning, and felt somewhat satisfied with that accomplishment. It’s amazing to see how grown those kids are through each of the movies, especially after seeing them back to back.

Sunday I spent loafing around the house in the morning, while I waited for my father and sister to get back from town. I didn’t want to go home without saying goodbye first. I played a little bit of WoW, which is a challenge on dail-up. It’s all my father has, living in the middle of Farm Country, USA. Aka. Nowhere. They got back around 11:30 and he declared he was going to charge the air conditioning in my car since I was there. He putzed around for 30 minutes before finally deciding he’d go and do it, knowing full well I wanted to leave by noon.

Once he was done, he gave me a lecture about beach traffic on the way home and suggested I should be off, which set my BUAH!?! Radar off. He’s the one who made me delay! I kindly informed him that’s why I wanted to have left by noon, and his response was I could have left. Grar! This is why I don’t live with him anymore. Why I won’t live with him again. I can’t take the constant back and forth frustration that comes from our conversations.

So, I started the long trek from Centreville back to Bowie and enjoyed the lovely weather, sans air conditioning, since it was as beautiful as the day before. Even the sailors were out on the bay taking advantage of the near perfect weather. It was very, very pretty outside. Once home, I sat back and loafed on World of Warcraft for a bit, managing to get my Frost Mage, Lyriana, to level 22. The night ended early for me when I decided to ignore everything to do with a computer and sit back, relax and watch some of my TiVo’d shows.

After looking back over the weekend, I realized that I really, truly had a nice time all weekend, and am genuinely in a better place than I was a few months ago. It's a good feeling. Right now, I'm happy and all mostly seems right with the world. It's very rare for me to have such moments, and so I'm savoring it for as long as I can.



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Aug. 14th, 2006 08:31 pm (UTC)
Sounds like a productive weekend! I'm glad you got the opportunity to get out of the house :)
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