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Do Not Use Doctor's Vision Works.....

I’m trying very hard not to be cranky, but after yesterday it’s an exercise in not being such.

I went to Doctor’s Vision Works in Annapolis after the recommendation from my father to do so after the bad experience I had in Arundel Mills. The contact prescription they gave me was off, and the lady didn’t want to listen to me before I left the place. On a lark I decided to try the prescription and it worked ok until about a month ago when I started having all sorts of problems. I’ve been using my old glasses to see by lately, and yesterday enough was enough – so I went to Annapolis to get a new prescription.

I spoke to a very nice, very warm woman named Shelly, which gave me hope that my problem would be seen to. She tried to get my files from Arundel Mills, but apparently they “lost” it and have no record of my having ever been there – despite the fact I had their discount card I purchased from that store. She had me fill out new paperwork, and I waited to see the doctor. She even felt bad for me and was going to see that I wasn’t charged a second time for contacts.

Went to see the doctor – explained the situation. He went to call to get the charts faxed, and the store in Arundel Mills gave him the same story. I presented my discount card, he went to call again – because I didn’t exactly plan to go after work, so I had no receipt of previous work done with me. So, he didn’t believe I was telling him the truth about the past exam. Whatever. I wasn’t asking for a freebie. I wanted it fixed. I wanted to be able to see.

So, he proceeds with the exam. He does one eye. He does the other eye. Separately. He never checks to see that the prescription will work with both eyes together. He just assumes it will. I had patiently and very calmly explained in the beginning that you cannot do my eyes separately and expect them to work. They need to be adjusted so the prescription forces my eyes to work together. He takes me to go put in the lenses he wants me to use, and I immediately tell him it’s off, and explain what’s off His response:

Well, what do you want me to do about it.

!!!!!! He’s the fucking doctor. I wanted him to listen to me. His response:

Well, because you have a stigmatism, I can give you the Toric contact lenses to try.

I’ve never had to use special contacts, ever. The normal ones have always worked fine for me. I tell him that, he insists it’s a stigmatism problem.

So, we try the torics, to humor him. I remained doubtful they would work.

They did not work. As expected.

His response again: Well, what do you want me to do about it?

Feh. I tell him I’ll just take the glasses. I need them and since with the discount card I had purchased previously, I got 50% off. That’s the ONLY reason I got them there. They would be much cheaper than if I were to use insurance. I figure, if it becomes a problem, I’ll just make sure to keep going back and back and back and being a general nuisance until he listens to his patient.

People like him? He’s the reason why I HATE going to doctors, and why I thank the gods everyday that Valerie Goodman in Centreville is a very good general practitioner for me. The day she stops listening to her patients is the day I go doctorless again. He literally had me so upset and frustrated that I was crying in the office.

So, the plan is to go to Accurate Optical in Easton, which will hopefully have weekend hours on Saturdays, so I can get new contacts from them. The nice technician at Doctor’s Vision Works told me they have to keep records for at least 5 years in the medical profession, so Accurate Optical has proof that my eyes need to be fixed to the point where they both work together – rather than people thinking it’s all in my head.

Merfle. I just want to be able to SEE without getting a headache, yo!



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