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Falling Hot Debris..?

I had another vividly wierd dream last night. This is my attempt to get it down before I forget it.

I was in the field where we keep the horses at my dad’s place, visiting with them in general. It’s approaching dusk, the sky is getting darker. Suddenly, there are these ploof sounds, and looking around I see these little clouds of dust ploofing off the ground with bright lights. Looking up, things are falling from the sky.

I think to myself that we’re having a meteor shower or something, and the debris is falling on the ground around me. I think to myself, “Oh, great. I hope it’s not like a rain storm, otherwise I’ll get caught out in this field.” For some reason, I have a tendency of getting caught in the rain out there.

I follow the fence line to get to the gate, as the field is completely enclosed in mesh wire – so I can’t climb it or even duck under it. I fervently hope that whatever it is, it doesn’t hit me on the way to the house.

I paused to look at one of the objects, which was glowing. It was definitely debris. It was also very definitely very hot. I decide to run to the house at this point. My first thought was to call for emergency services.

Getting inside was fine. Getting the phone to work was a disaster. For some reason the phone kept thinking I was dialing 911 – which I had wanted to do, but hadn’t had the chance to do yet. It was very confusing. It’d ring – it’d be 911 calling me, instead of me calling them – an I’d accidentally hang up on then in an attempt to dial them instead.

I heard a crash outside and then phone and 911 was forgotten. One of those hot debris things had caught on the roof. I went back in to try again, but my parents came home. I showed them the roof, and by the time I went to greet them to the time that we went outside, part of the roof had been stripped, but the hot glowing thing was gone.

So, it became a roofing problem. I asked dad if he had someone to do the roof yet. He wasn’t sure. I work for a roofing company and so I was thinking maybe he could use them, but he would never give me straight answers to my questions.

Dad went to go do something, leaving me alone with my mom – and it was definitely my mother in my dream. Went upstairs for something and prominently noticed the room had been changed around. There was something different about it. A twin bed had been added to the room. I wondered if they were having problems. I knew she’d been mad at him for something, but didn’t think it was that bad. I didn’t want to ask.

We talked for a bit, about this and that, but my thoughts kept going back to the roof and how we were going to get it fixed.

The dream ended with nothing of real significance happening other than the falling, glowing debris.

This must be a result of being completely and thoroughly exhausted after moving everything out of storage yesterday. Very odd dream. Very glad I got to see my mom in my dreams again, even if for a little bit. What’s more, very glad that when more I do see her in my dreams that she’s exactly how I remember her, It’s sometimes nice to see she lives in spirit, even if not in life.

One day, I'll really should use my dreams for cannon fodder for writing something.

Though, thinking about it, and given the relevance of what today is, maybe subconciously I'd been thinking about September 11th even though I wasn't totally aware of the date.

Food for thought.



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Sep. 11th, 2006 03:56 pm (UTC)
Yeah, 9/11 was probably playing into your dreams. Yeek.
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