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Moving Storage Stuff...

Yesterday was completely exhausting. My father came to Bowie so we could move my stuff out of storage and to his farm in Greensboro, MD – over on the Eastern Shore. We were doing this to eliminate an extra expense I don’t need to be having when I can store my stuff with him for free for the time being.

We worked from 10am-2pm. By the time we were finished we were exhausted, hungry, and probably a bit dehydrated. None of us thought to bring anything to drink while we were working, and while the day was super nice for moving, it was still hot and tiring one we got working.

I’m pretty sure that I was somewhat dehydrated by the time we were through I as near the end I was starting to see flashes. Bleh. I laid down on the cart while dad was tying everything together and had a hard time getting back up.

Yesterday, after they left, I was completely exhausted and had no energy to really do anything of consequence. I lazed about the room, watched movies, and knitted. The knitting was an off and on experience, as sometimes I just didn’t have the energy to move needles back and forth and to catch yarn on the tip -- and sometimes it was a lack of concentration and being able to focus my attention on something.

Getting stuffed moves is a good thing for me. That’s $132.05 a month I no longer have to pay for storage. That, combined with the $192 a month I was paying for my college loan means I have roughly $325 available for a monthly car payment. Nancy is getting a call back from her friend Charlie in Wilmington, DE – and getting an idea of what kinds of cars I can look for at the dealership with that much as a potential figure per month. Getting that much closer to a new car!



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