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Dream Duet...

The dreams just keep getting weirder and weirder.

The first dream I had last night was more akin to something one might consider akin to something what the Ghost Whisper (the CBS television show) might do. It had that odd otherworldly sense about it.

I was walking along with the strange feeling that I was being followed. Nothing was there. I checked and double checked. I went about my usual business and the next thing I know I was waking up in some strange cabin, on a settee with a blanket thrown over me. I moved the blanket off, it moved back up into place.

Odd, I thought to myself. I tried it again with the same results. Very odd, indeed.

In the shadows of the darkness I saw the figure of a girl. She had brown shoulder-length hair, which was hanging straight. She had an oval face with a small nose, and wide brown eyes. She was dressed in a long sleeved striped shirt and jeans.

She wanted help with her father. She’d had a falling out with him before she’d died. She wanted to make things right. She knew I could sense something was amiss, so somehow she’d managed to lure me to the house. Really, I’m a sucker for the supernatural – so it was probably fairly easy to do :P

He kept visiting the house. She could see him every day, but couldn’t ever speak to him. She wanted me to be her voice. So, I stayed there until he came again. I acted as her voice piece in this part of the dream.

He’d wondered what had happened to her. I remember having the sense that she was sorry for wondering off… but before I could finish with this part of the dream my mind wandered to another dream….

I was walking along a long cobblestone path. I was a common girl dressed in a blue traveling gown with her king and his two sons, princes each. I fancied the younger one. In part that was the reason I was there. The other part was that I was the most knowledgeable about the kingdom we were traveling to, their customs and what not, and so I was brought along to help tutor the boys in the appropriate etiquette. Horses trailed after us as we were walking the final leg.

We were greeted warmly by the other King’s servants – who happened to be dwarves. We were shown where to put our horses away, and for a brief time I admired their animals. The youngest son stayed with me and we chatted for a bit, but were not allowed to tarry long. A feast had been prepared in honor of our king.

The eating gallery was tiered – royalty and nobles ate on the lower floor, where commoners and merchants ate on the upper decks. I sat above, though so did the younger prince. We watched our king and his oldest son, his declared heir, eating with the royals below. When the Dwarf king arrived, I stood immediately, while those below waited to see what I was doing. Eventually, they all stood. Standing in the presence of the Dwarf king was a show of great respect at dinner time. When he sat, we all sat.

After dinner I remember walking down one of the corridors, nearly alone. The younger prince who fancied me trailed after me, but stopped when his father approached…

That’s when my alarm went off…

This is the first time I’ve had dreams in fantasy realms that I can recall. Never before have dwarves, elves or any other fantastical elements entered my dreams.



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