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Saturday Wandering...

Saturday was somewhat of an eventful day for me. Darrick and Jennifer traipsed off to the acquarium leaving me with the house to myself, oh, and the dog. Woo! Not. I decided that I was going to go out for the day. So, I did. Mostly.

I was /supposed/ to meet up with my sister, but she cancelled. I didn't know this until after I went to Arundel Mills mall and saw Hidalgo at the movie theatre. Fantastic Movie! I absolutely loved it and wouldn't mind going to see it again. It had action, adventure, excitement, and humor all rolled into a neat tidy ball. Susan, my sister, will reschedule next weekend for a 'look around Glen Burnie' and 'come see Lisa's new house' visit. She knows the area better than I do and so can likely point out a few places to go and do things.

After the movie, I went back home for a bit. I wasn't in the mood for shopping - not really. So, I logged into Firan for a little, watched some TV, and then decided that I wanted to go exploring anyway. I ended up going to Severna Park. I took note of some restaurants - which are sorely lacking in the Glen Burnie area - and other places of interest; some stores that I might like to go back and visit later. I also decided to drop by Kohls since I'd never been to one before. Turns out to have been a great idea. They were having a major sale. Woo! So ended up getting 8 tops for like $37. I love sales like that, and I hate shopping.

Then, I went back home again and watched LotR: Two Towers, since I hadn't yet watched the extended edition I got for an Xmas gift.


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