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Networks and Dreams

I stayed up until about 12:30 watching the first season of Angel on Sunday evening. Really, I only got through 2 episodes and I only put it on because I missed when The WB showed the premiere episode in their Countdown to Goodbye last night. They showed the premieres of their most popular shows: Angel, Buffy, Felicity and Dawson’s Creek. I actually own the first seasons of the first three – and have Dawson’s Creek on my Amazon wish list. Yes, I loved the teen angst show.

I managed to catch the Buffy and Dawson’s Creek episodes before hunkering down to watch Angel before bed. I think as a result of watching the Buffy/Angel combination I had a vague dream about vampires this morning. My dreams always occur near the first thing in the morning and are always interrupted by my alarm going off (boo, hiss). I remember the vampire part fairly well. I just don’t remember the rest of it. I wasn’t one of the bloodsuckers, that I do recall.

The WB is turning into The CW. Not sure how I feel about that or how I feel about UPN’s shows being mixed in there. The WB usually had very good new programming each year. The new programming is usually either shown on Tuesdays or Wednesdays and the UPN shows now fill those slots.

I am not at all excited about this year for the “new” UPN stuff. I am, however, very much excited for the new seasons of the WB stuff: Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, Smallville and Supernatural. I’m most excited for Smallville, as this season looks like it’ll be very exciting! It’ll be interesting to see how the writers continue to move on with their version of the story, and after reading the upcoming season synopsis (which includes some spoilers so don’t go to The CW and read it if you don’t want spoilers) it proves that the twists will only get more and more exciting.



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