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Another Enjoyable Sunday

I hate that my internal clock has me getting up by 8am, regardless of whether or not I don't HAVE to be up by then. I got teased about that today when out on a date. He got to sleep in until after 12. Not that it really matters, it's just a small annoyance in life that I can't manage to sleep the day away and laze. :)

So, I woke at 8am this morning, got online to greet people on Firan, and then proceeded to watch X-Men2, another Xmas gift this past year. My morning was more or less spent lazing about, with the exception of making certain that I made sure at least three boxes of stuff I'd taken to the house, both that weekend and previously, were cleaned out. I need them to pack more stuff with for next weekend. Woot! With luck, I'll be all moved in little by little by the time I move in completely and officially. So, now my 5 stack book shelf is completely full of stuff; DVDs, VHS tapes and books. Oh, and a few odd and end momentos, like the dagger I should have left home likely.

Then my date arrived. We went to check out where the Hoyts theatre was, since I'd never been there before, and then drove around looking for places to eat, since our movie didn't start until 3:55 (according to all the documentation). It's official. There are very FEW places worth eatting in the Glen Burnie area, either that or we're just not looking in the right spot. We wandered around for 30-40 minutes looking for places to eat near the movie theatre, and none could be found. We finally went back to near where I lived and ate at Friendlys.

We saw Master and Commander. We ended up not being on time, even though all the documentation said we were on time! We think the movie started earlier, but we're not sure how early. Not a bad movie. I didn't like how it ended though. It felt as though it left you hanging, that there was more to come. But, maybe that's how it was supposed to end.

All in all, another good date - or so I'd like to think. Yay.


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