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The Legacy Chase Experience

Saturday I went to the Legacy Chase Steeplechase at Shawan Downs with stephdray, adamdray, Steph’s parents, and usurpingivylj.

All week leading up to the Legacy Chase I kept checking the weather, which assured me that it would be a bright, sunny day, great for an outing. However, the weather forecasted for Sunday loomed just enough that it could have potentially affected Saturday’s weather. It did. The day was cloudy with sprinkles of drizzle for most of the time, though the sun tried to peek out. The weather, at first, wasn’t cold, but as the day grew on things got colder.

Despite the weather, however, the day progressed into a nice outing. We all gathered together at Steph and Adam’s house, meeting at a central location, before piling into Steph’s parents’ van. It was a nice, roomy vehicle, with lots of seats. We first stopped at the Will Call station to pick up the tickets, and then we went to Wegman’s to get food for the day. That store is HUUUUUGE! Very huge. A person could easily get lost. Unfortunately, the aisles are very tiny and the people made it very crowded, and well, by the time I left I was very close to hitting people because they were intent on invading my personal space.

Lisa in crowded places, with people bumping her around, cutting her off, being general nuisances, or just plain annoying, does not equal happiness and incites feelings of rage and violence. I have not ever, to date, ever acted on such urges, but I fear one day I might.

Once we got our food together we gathered back at the van and went off to the races. Many of us unsurprisingly brought things to share.

We managed to set up close to where we were last year, between the 5th and 6th jumps just before the finish line. Really, except for where the track curves and the trees are slightly in the way, those are the best places to be. You can see nearly everything going on in the race. This year it didn’t seem like they had as many races as they did last year. They had six, where I think last year they had 8 or so races. This year all the races were steeplechases, and last year they had some flat turf races. I was somewhat disappointed – but at the same time it was probably for the best. Having been in 4-H horse showing events, I know setting up jumps takes time and can be a hassle to switch between events. The flat races were probably eliminated for that very reason.

The horses all ran good races this year, and I think that the few injuries that they had over jumps this year happened in the back filed during the 3 and 1/8th mile races. They happened in the fields we could barely see, as they were far, far down the line. Sadly, Salvo, one of the horses I was rooting for in such a race, who was doing very well up until that last lap, had one such accident and couldn’t finish the race.

All in all it was all very exciting, nice and relaxing. It was good to spend the day with Steph and Adam, and it was an absolute delight to spend more time with Steph’s parents again, and hanging out with Claire is always a joy. We talked about anything and everything, cut up, joked and carried on. It felt like a nice family outing, even if the members of the group I went with weren’t members of my family.

Afterwards everyone was exhausted, and in very napful modes.



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Oct. 5th, 2006 04:35 pm (UTC)
It -was- like a family outting! I hadn't thought of it that way, but you're totally right. It was great fun :) Even the Wegman's part.
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