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The Car Story...

So, I am the very proud owner of a brand new, Radiant Red 2007 Toyota Matrix (pictures will be forthcoming as soon as I find the cord to my camera).

The turn around time to get the car was absolutely amazing. I started calling the dealer on Thursday, who said he could get me a car by the middle of this week. It would have been a 2006. He called me back, and asked if I wanted a 2007 instead, for no increase in price. I said sure. He said end of this week he’d get it for me, but he’d call me back for sure. Friday, I got a call – how’s tomorrow, and how’s radiant red.

Well, to say the least, I was floored. I was resigned to getting the car the following week and having another week in the death box (my 1988 Jeep Cherokee) but was hoping to get a car before the end of the weekend. So, for once karma worked a little bit of its magic to my benefit – but I wonder how much of what I have stored up was spent on getting the car lickety split. Either way, this was a good thing because I didn’t really want to spend more time in the death box.

So, Saturday, given I had the Legacy Chase to go to, was no good. Sunday they were closed, so that left Monday for me to go. After checking with Nancy and Scott, Monday was good for them as well – though only after their dentist appointment. And in the end Scott was too drugged up from having fillings removed and redone, that he couldn’t go anyway. They were having the old mercury fillings replaced, since the mercury fillings have been known to cause serious health issues – including slowly poisoning the body.

Nancy and I started the long drive to New Castle, DE – stopping at my father’s place in Centreville, MD first to drop off the Jeep. It was also a good halfway point between Bowie, MD and New Castle DE. She got to see first hand that I really did live and grow up in the middle of no where. Corn fields and soy bean fields abounded! Whee! That stuff even surrounded my dad’s house. She was surprised. I think she thought I was leading her into an episode of Children of the Corn, that’s how backwater it is, and how much I’m glad to be in civilization now. There are times I do miss it though!

We chatted along the way for the rest of the drive, and she asked if it would be alright if she slipped out once she was sure the car worked out and what not. She was worried about Scott because of the anesthetic he was on made him pretty loopey. I was fine with that, and let her know.

The time at the dealership was relatively painless. I was already pre-approved for a loan so all I had to do was prove I had insurance and show them I had a driver’s license. They didn’t about financial information since they’d already pulled a credit report. All I had to do, basically, was test the car and sign on the dotted line.

The car rode like a dream (still does!) and tested just fine. I swear that cars have souls. This car and me? We clicked like a dream. It feels like it is my car – and we seem to have a nice rapport going on. Hopefully, that rapport stays.

On the way hope I briefly stopped by my father’s house again to transfer some stuff I had in the Jeep to the car. I knew I’d want to be taking some of the stuff I had in the back with me. Everything fit nicely into the back. I had hoped that my father would be around so I could show it off, but alas he was at his farm in Greensboro, MD – taking care of the field no doubt. Drought had ruined his hay crop this year, and he needed to attempt one more cutting before they seeded and limed it for the next growing season/cycle.

The drive home was long, but nice. The day was absolutely perfect for the sorting outing it took to go to New Castle and back. The air was crisp, but in a warm, inviting manner, and the day was sunny. It was a nice, relaxing sort of day; a happy day too.

So, I now am with car. I find myself with the sudden urge to go out and take a nice, long drive – because, well, I can now, without the fear of something falling apart that always loomed over me with the Jeep. This is an absolutely liberating sort of feeling. And, in fact, quite a good deal of stress that I’d been carrying around is now gone. I guess I really didn’t realize how much having the death box really stressed me out. Relief is a good thing.

Oh, and yeah. I’m one of THOSE people now. You know… those people with “new car” syndrome. Point in case, I didn’t want to park in the back parking lot today because some of the larger vans/trucks park back there and I cannot count on their driving skills to be reliable enough to hit my brand new car. I had to initially park back there because the front and side gate to our building was locked and the only access was the walkway between our two buildings. As soon as the front gate opened, I moved my car out of that lot. Meh! I imagine I'll be like that for a long time to come. I even find myself looking around the car very often to make sure it's not scratched. Double Meh!



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Oct. 6th, 2006 08:20 pm (UTC)
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