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It is day three without the boss coming in. His mother died on Thursday so it’s been extremely quiet around here. Some people are taking advantage of his non showiness to be scarce, which generally sucks because it makes for a slow moving day. My work is dependant on what the others bring into the office. I do both the job orders and the billing for the roofing production department. It’s been kinda slow. The last few weeks have been so hectic that we were booked two weeks out, which normally isn’t the case. We’ve got pretty good turn around here in getting jobs done.

This weekend and last were nice, relaxing weekends. Last week I went to see Man of the Year and The Departed with friends, and have lunch/dinner. Different days, different friends. It was nice and fun, and good to hang out with people and chat it up in general. Last weekend ended up in discussions that resulted in Air Raids on Firan, which many people seemed to have enjoyed. This weekend I did a partial repeat of last, going out on Saturday with usurpingivylj to see Flicka.

The movie was nice; lots of amazing scenery, lots of good horses. Nice story, but then I already knew the story having seen the original movie and read the book, though I was somewhat vague on the details and kept getting part of it mixed up with The Red Pony, where the horse actually dies from its injuries.

The movie also made me jones, very strongly, to get another horse. I can’t do that. Can’t afford it. Yet. Really, really, really, really need to go find a local stable, buck up and pay the $30-50 for a trail ride, even if it is just for an hour. Would be nice to be under the saddle again. There’s absolutely nothing like the feeling of running free upon the back of a horse, without nary a care for the world or the people around you. It’s an amazing feeling. It’s something I greatly miss.

The other alternative would be to ride back and forth to the Eastern Shore to visit my sister and her horses. They’re finally being trained by Kenny Harlow a bit more extensively, and Pooh is already considered slightly more than “green broke”. It’s amazing what that man can do with a horse in just under a week, and well worth looking into getting the training if anyone has a problem horse or just getting started. Highly recommended, especially given he has a pure respect for the animal and its care and teaches training with trust.

After the movie I stopped by FYE and picked up Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 7. That’s been what most of my weekend has encompassed, watching that and playing World of Warcraft. Got to visit Un’goro Crater for the first time last evening, after getting ambushed by guild members to come and join them. Don’t often go out and do stuff with the guild because sometimes it feels like I’m intruding, but it was nice and fun – even if my parachute didn’t open last night and I died on the rocks :P

Lately I’ve also been jonesing for more things out of life. I have no set plan and no set goals. I just know I want more. Need more. It’s hard to describe. There’s this whole wide world out there, and I feel as if I’ve lived most of my life with this black hood over my head. Rather, I know I have. There’s so much to see, so many things to do… and I just want to go and do it. I want to throw caution to the wind and go out there and explore. I highly suspect getting the new car has something to do with this feeling.

I’ve been empowered and enabled by a new set of wheels to go and do things I couldn’t do before because of the fear of my jeep breaking down. It’s not a feeling I’m used to, but it’s one I could get used to. We’ll see how that works out. I keep looking at my savings and seeing what it could be used for, when really it just needs to stay put. It’s hard. I’m not sure I have the strength of will to just not use it, but I must find it somewhere. It’s a meager savings, really. It needs to grow. And, maybe if I let it grow I can find the strength of will to do some other things that I know must get done – but I’ve been putting off for one reason or another.

I’m tired of putting things in my life on hold, my life in general on hold. So, I guess its time to see what goals I can set so it feels like something is moving forward.



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