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NaNoWriMo Plot Summary

This is cross-posted from my writing LJ christierose. If you're interested in seeing more about NaNoWriMo, feel free to friend me there.

Alright, some of you have been asking for a summary of the book, and even been asking to read it. I’m not going to be letting anyone read it, and it may never be read by anyone but myself, but I’ll at least concede and give a short synopsis of what it’s about.

The Theme: Struggle To Find Identity

The Plot: A young girl raised by an unlikely gang of scallywags finds that she’s actually the missing heir to a nation by happenstance. She must struggle with her identity and discover who she really is, balancing her criminal life with her new life and come to terms with the new situations she’ll be facing. In many cases, her old life will seem more appealing and easier. It made sense. Court life will be trying and confusing for her. The people there will look down on her because of how she was raised. She won’t be accepted easily.

This is one of those rare cases where I pretty much know the entire story start to finish, without knowing all the details involved. Those details will be the itty bitty parts in between the key elements I want involved in the story itself. There will be plots of deception unfolding, conflict, and conspiracies. I’m very excited about this, really. I just need to be less lethargic about the actual writing part. I think once things get past the beginning introductions I’ll be much better.

So, what's your plot? What themes are in your book? What story do you want to tell? Share!


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