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I only managed to write 5700 something words. I didn’t complete the goal of 50,000 words. I was very optimistic, and then things just went awry during the month. It didn’t help that Firan hosts a festival during the month of November either, and so there’s lots of distracting goodness going on.

However, I’ve started the book. I am now resolved to finish it even if I don’t make the NaNoWriMo goals. Kristen isn’t going to want her story to sit around, particularly not at the point where she’s currently residing. I’ll just be working at a much slower pace, and will need to kick my butt quite often to not be so lazy about things.

Will it ever get published? Likely not. This is more an endeavor to get write something I might not otherwise write. And… I don’t do well with rejection. It’s best for me to just get the story done and know that I’ve done it than have it go through countless versions of, “it sucks”. I’ll at least know, within my heart, I’ve accomplished something. And, I’ll have the pleasure of reading it over and over again for myself, and maybe expounding on it a bit and continuing the story.

It starts out in the middle of some action and then slows down a bit. She’s being held at the palace, with no knowledge why thus far, proud, scared and confused; possibly too proud for her own good. She keeps making the classic mistake of speaking before she thinks. She’ll probably do quite a bit of that.

Thanksgiving Weekend

I absolutely hate the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Hate. Loathe. Despise. What’s more, I abhor the traffic that goes along with the Bay Bridge. It needs to be wiped out. It took me two and a half hours to get home on Wednesday afternoon. I left at 3 from work, an hour early, and traffic was already backed up to Annapolis. It didn’t help that it was also raining. That means the road idiots were not paying attention and were causing accidents. I decided to take the back roads to get through Annapolis to St. Margarets Road – but didn’t make it to St. Margarets as I’d took the Best Gate Road exit onto 50 rather than going through the city of Annapolis, hoping traffic would be moving past the mall and further down. It was and wasn’t.

Did lots and lots of backtracking as I attempted to find the /next/ correct exit to get t St. Margarets Road, finally taking comfort in the fact that the service road would get me, mostly, trouble free to the Bay Bridge toll without needing to wait an additional 2 hours. I called dad and let him know I was on my way, and then realized that once I got past the toll that the bridge people did not open up the third lane of traffic for holiday travel. They had us confined to 2 lanes of traffic. What kind of idiot doesn’t open an already busy bridge up to the third lane of travel during rush hour and the holiday weekend? Meh. Couple that with the fact that no one wanted to let anyone else onto the bridge and that the travel along the bridge it self was at a slow crawl for no apparent reason, and it made for a rather grumpy Lisa.

However, things got better once I got home. We sorted out the dinner details and after a lengthy discussion about what was in the refrigerator we decided on steak for dinner. I cooked, because there were potential problems with the steaks (slightly freezer dried), that just regular old pan frying would not solve. Lisa to the rescue! I found a glass pan, put the steaks in the pan, covered them in Worcestershire Sauce, onion powder, minced onions and Italian seasonings, and baked until done. Mmmm, Very tasty. You couldn’t even tell that they were partially freezer dried.

During dinner we discussed Thanksgiving plans, since my father had to work that day, and who would be coming over. But, apparently, I must have missed something, because my sister Susan had arrived at 11:30 and we weren’t eating dinner until 4 and I was very, very confused at the very early nature of her arrival – not that early was bad, it wasn’t. I was just not expecting /that/ early. Lots of Thanksgiving preparation goodness happened. Turkey came out nice and moist and all the food was delicious. Some people did not come because they were sick, but that’s fine. It turns out that we didn’t have that many left overs and so we all certainly had our fill or made certain to make up for the lack of people.

Friday we were going to go shopping, but opted not to do so. I really wasn’t up to getting up early in the morning for sales I really wasn’t interested in and the after sales were not something I desired to go see either. I’ll do my Christmas shopping another time. We lounged all day, and even decided to do the dinner/movie thing on Saturday instead because my father had to work again on Friday. Poor him. Black Friday working in retail. *shudder* When we did finally go, we saw Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause. It was a cute movie, if a bit slow in some parts. It felt like they lost sight of the plot for a bit, and then it sped up after they realized what the plot was again. We went to the Olive Garden afterwards for dinner. Mmmmmm. Good.

Sunday was sad. I wanted to say goodbye, but didn’t get the chance. I wanted to smuggle my lovable, adorable, cuddleable, snuggable kitty home with me – but I figured Nancy and Scott would not appreciate having another cat in the house. Flash has been a terror. Goldie simply would hide from the strangers, only coming out for me. Sad. Sad. Sad. He followed me around the house the entire time I was there. I miss the furball. Dearly. Flash is nothing like him. She’s the opposite. She’s satan reincarnated. Really. She is. Well, maybe not so much now, but she was! Goldie… purred at me upon sight and always followed me to bed and purred even more as he got himself settled down. That’s love and devotion, pure and simple. Miss. Sad. Okie, I’ll stop now. Sad.

It almost makes me want to move back home. It’s not like I really have that many ties keeping me on this side of the bridge anymore, and given I’m not interested, at all, in dating anyone, ever again, even that’s not a draw to stay. But, at the same time, I'll have no more independence at home then I will at Nancy and Scott's, and really that's what I'm craving most.


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Nov. 29th, 2006 10:16 pm (UTC)
If you are truly thinking of hurting yourself, please stop and make one phone call first - 1-800-784-2433.

And send me an email telling me that you have - mindy@mindyklasky.com.

People care about you. People do not want you to hurt yourself.
(Deleted comment)
Dec. 1st, 2006 01:18 pm (UTC)
If you are driving alone to visit your parents and don't want to drive the bridge yourself, you can stop at the by the toll boothes, or just after, and ask for a police escort. It's a free service. There are quite a few people who are put off by that bridge.

I grew up needing to go back and forth all the time, so it's not so scary for me, but that doesn't mean I particularly like driving it. Though, on some days, you see neat things -- like the Carnival cruise ship travelling down the bay from Baltimore, as it launched it's latest cruise, in the middle of the night, with all the lights on. That caught me off guard. Or, the Lights on the Bay at Sandy Point State Park during the Christmas Season. Or the plethora of sailboats travelling down the bay. I like watching them, even if I don't like boats all that much :)

Two year plan?
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