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Pixel, Books and Weekend Life

My laptop, pixel, died sometime last week. The computer finally decided that it didn’t want to work after the Thanksgiving weekend. I gave it the usual rest only to be greeted with the unhappy folder with a question mark symbol that Macintosh machines display when they are unhappy. I made an attempt to repair what was wrong, only to be told Disk Utility could not make the proper repairs.

Sadness. This meant all of my programs would not be safe or saved. I asked seattlesparks about a good set of software to help rescue my stuff, and she turned me on to Data Rescue II. Highly recommended. Friday I went to the muchly muchly hated (very long story) Apple Store in Annapolis after checking to see if they had the program.

I went to the store, found the program. It was the last one on the shelf, so I considered myself fairly lucky to have gotten there and gotten it. I wondered if I shouldn’t get Drive Genius too, just in case I needed the defragging and other repair components, but decided against it at the time. Instead, I perused the various pieces of firewire equipment because I was going to need some sort of “modern” way to back up my data that had enough storage space to do so. I found a nice FireLight smartdisc unit, 40 gigs, for about $95. I considered it well worth the cost to have a portable drive I could take anywhere with me and use on a PC or a Mac.

Since I parked at Borders at the Annapolis Mall, I couldn’t resist going through the bookstore on the return trip to my car. Bookstores and I have this long, long relationship. The store entices me with the books, I buy the books. I checked out the Sci-Fi section, which is usually my first stop. Only one book caught my attention only because I was specifically looking for the author. I picked up a book by Noel-Anne Brennan called Daughter of the Desert. I’d previously read her other two books Blood of the Land and Sword of the Land and was rather enchanted by them. I was, more specifically, looking to see if she had written a third book within that series, but this new one looks to be a new series/set of books by her hand. Usually, and I know you shouldn’t do this but this is how books catch my attention, I look for interesting titles or covers. I’m generally not disappointed in the purchase I make when I do things that way, and it’s quite often how I introduce myself to new authors.

With only one book to find in the Sci-Fi section, I decided to go to the Young Adult section. Mrfle, for me. ChaChing, for Borders. My friend bluekitsune had turned me on to the Chrestomanci series last year by Dianne Wynne Jones and ever since I’ve been addicted to her books. She’s been added to my list of regular authors to look for stuff. I… ah…. found two more books from her series I haven’t read yet. The first was Conrad’s Fate and the second was The Pinhole Egg. They are both more recent books in the Chrestomanci saga of books, with The Pinhole Egg being the more recent addition to that collection. It’s in hardback. I try to buy hardback when I can. I also picked up Tamora Pierce’s latest book in her Tortall Series called Beka Cooper: Terrier of Tortall. I finished reading it last night. It was written entirely in an interesting journal style/first person perspective. Very unique, and unlike what she’s done before. And, very enjoyable.

I spent a better part of Friday evening finishing off the Goodkind book and working on pixel. I didn’t get to sleep until well into the wee morning hours. I spent Saturday mostly reading and running Funeral Game events on Firan as my alt Taleena, as I did Sunday I just spent the day reading. It was a nice relaxing sort of laze about the house kind of weekend. Honestly, it was just the sort of weekend I needed for awhile.



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