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Ramblings (With Wiccan Remembrances)

It’s a scary thing, sometimes, to realize that my name is the same – all save for the last – as the daughter of my mother’s best friend Rose. She named her daughter Lisa Rose. Her daughter was born several months before me and did not survive. My mother’s friend Rose used to baby sit me as a child, before my parents moved from Pasadena, MD to Centreville, MD. I remember visiting them once when I was in second grade. Rose and her husband Jim have a series of cabins up in northwestern Maryland, in the mountains; they rent out throughout the year, and a small country store. We haven’t visited with them since. I found out about Rose’s daughter the same day I found out I also had an older brother, my father’s child, that I never knew and still do not know.

Mostly I don’t think about this; the issue where I bare the same name as a deceased child that my mother knew. I don’t like to think about it. It brings up too many questions I can’t exactly get answers to. My mother’s passed. She’d be the person I’d ask. I didn’t ask anything then, accepting her comments at face value. Unfortunately, my thoughts sometimes drift back to that moment, mostly at odd intervals or times. I don’t think it helped that in my “wild” college years there were experiences with a certain board of mysticism that we thought were attributed to “her” (Lisa Rose’s) actions.

Over Thanksgiving, going through some of my old, precious documents stored away in one of my containers in my old bedroom closet, I was reading over some snail mail letters that I’d written to some of my Pagan friends that I made during college. College was when I was exploring Paganism and learning things about it. I was even surprised that my college library in historic Chestertown, MD had books of instruction on the “magical arts” tucked away on obscure shelves, and not just the books on the Salem Witch Hunts or other such things as per normal. Reading those letters woke up those thoughts about Lisa Rose again, but also stirred my interest in Paganism again, or more specifically the Wicca craft. I don’t actively practice it. I’ve always been too lazy to learn all the specific things you need to do, and too poor for the various candles, incenses and supplies the rituals call for, but the craft is something that stirs something within me deep down.

Oh, and Tannev, wherever you are, I still have those letters sitting in my very important box, talking about your dreams regarding Vampires and the books that you had started writing the books within your dreams. I think it’s time to start following my own advice that I gave you so long ago. I’m going to have to see if you’ve written anything under the moniker of Pamela Clearwater, or Tannev, methinks.

Goddess Bless,


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Dec. 5th, 2006 04:52 pm (UTC)
From one lazy pagan to another, you don't NEED any of those items. Scott Cunningham explained this in his books (which, incidentally, is my favorite pagan author, and also wrote the first book I ever read on the subject, "Earth Magic" -- my mom thought it was yet another fantasy novel, and bought it from the donated books sale at the library she was working at... made for an interesting story when she asked how I started getting interested in Wicca/Paganism anyway.)

Anyway, my point is, tools and such can help you focus, but aren't necessary. You can pick up shells, pretty stones from a stream/river/driveway, feathers, acorns, etc., and they can be just as useful.

Or simply meditate/pray.

Which I don't do enough of, and have been recently thinking about. I was active with a group when I was at Purdue, but haven't found a similar group since.

/threadjack end.
Dec. 5th, 2006 05:10 pm (UTC)
I think not getting the items was just a convenient excuse for me not to have to learn any of the incantations, spells or rituls -- and consequently not get myself into any further trouble than that certain mystical board got me into in college, which Milton Bradley should ban from every store.

On the meditation stuff, given I learned what I know on my own, and not from another person or a group, I've never quite gotten the hang of it.

I own some of Cunningham's books, as well Silver Ravenwolf's and D.J. Conway. To Ride a Silver Broomstick was one of my favorite books among them. I think I also read a book by Linda Goodman based on numerology or astrology -- I forget which. I know she's written several, and I've purchased one or two Witch's Almanac's in my day.

I really should go to Joanna's Attic sometime (sleepy little Easton, MD has a pagan/wiccan store) and see what stuff they have. Surprisingly, they expanded from a two room apartment into a storefront shop over the years in smalltown MD.
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