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Performing Surgery (Pixel)

Last night I attempted to complete a surgery on pixel, my Titanium G4 Powerbook laptop. The left fan has gone up and I suspect the main fan has as well, and I’d just ordered the replacement parts for the laptop. Those parts arrived yesterday. The attempt failed.

Opening the back cover I soon realized that I would need to purchase the online manual for taking apart the computer after all. This was after I stubbornly tried to see how things fit together, but my computer is my baby and I didn’t want anything to break and I wanted it to function and turn on again when I’d completed the repairs.

I coughed up the $9.95 for the book, downloaded the PDF and proceeded to continue with the surgery. Step One: Remove the battery. Okay. Fine. Easy enough. Step Two. Remove the keyboard. If the cable doesn’t come away easily, rock it back and forth until it does. Don’t force it. Meh. This became problematic. Tried as I might I could not get the keyboard cable to come undone from the motherboard. It was very firmly attached.

I didn’t want to break pixel, so I decided to put all the sundry parts that I had taken off back together again. I started the computer up, and got the welcome chimes – but it wouldn’t log in all the way. That’s fine. That’s the problem I’d been having.

Tonight I’m going to call CompUSA who will work on my computer for me if I purchased the parts elsewhere. I’d already called them about such things previously when the Apple Store told me the processor was going up (It wasn’t. It was the fans.). I want to see costs and how long it’ll take to put them in, and maybe I’ll go there this weekend (sigh) to get it fixed.

I want my computer back. It is my baby. My tower is 13 years old and is dilapidated and old and needs to be put out to pasture. I suppose I could fire up my other G3 sitting in the closet, but honestly that’s in no better shape than my other two. It makes me wanting to make getting a new computer work all the more and that’s just bad. Must not.

Maybe I should start another account that takes a touch of money from each paycheck with INGDirect.com so I can specifically purchase a computer sometime in the future. Not near future, but future. I already have an account set up with them for FiranCON in May and that money is already saved. That was originally my “fun” fund, and became the FiranCON fund. My “fun” fund started over from scratch 3 paychecks ago (a month and a half). I’ll need to see what I can budget and where.

This means I may not be getting out to Seattle or going anywhere on Vacation this year. We’ll see. I have several financial goals I want to meet, and it’s hard to have the patience I need to have on a fixed budget such as mine. Something will work itself out in the end. I just need to hang in there and not get frustrated like I normally do.


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