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Computer, Christmas and Party

I’ve been lowly rebuilding the software on pixel again in order to be ready for the fan installation. I want a working version of the operating system on the computer and some of my files available so I can jump back into using it again right away. An IT guy who contacts for our company has volunteered to install the fans for me next week. I don’t like waiting the extra week, as I’m anxious to have my laptop back, but it beats calling CompUSA and having to potentially wait and pay extortionist prices for the fixes. I kinda want my funds right now to go toward Christmas gifts.

I’ve managed to purchase 3 out of the 20-30 something gifts I need to get. I have a large family and some friends I want to get stuff for this year, and I don’t like anyone who comes to Christmas dinner at our house to walk way empty handed, though my sister Sherry has forgotten to take her gift home from last year and we keep forgetting to give it to her when she comes over for other holidays. Almost everyone is adult now and that makes purchasing things for them harder to do. They live in the ‘unenlightened’ age and most of them don’t have computers, or if they do they don’t know how to work them very well, so suggesting using amazon.com to set up a gift list falls to the wayside. I have suggested such a thing. I think most of my shopping will be done over the internet this year. I hate shopping in general. I think it’s because of the crowds. People bumping into me tend to send my anger meter off.

This weekend/coming week I need to work on baking 3 dozen cookies for a cookie exchange holiday party I’m going to. Everyone brings cookies, we exchange them for the ones others bring, and take the exchanged cookies home. Right now I have no clue what I’ll be baking. I was thinking of attempting the Golden Honey Drop Cookie recipe again since a few people liked them, but they came out dull and flat. Last year I made oatmeal raisin, the honey drop cookies and made an attempt at short bread. My short bread came out very ugly. I will need to explore cookie recipes. Ultimately I’ll want to make something I can bring home if people don’t want them. I am looking forward to the party.



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Dec. 9th, 2006 03:52 am (UTC)
Do they have to be three different dozens of cookies? Because...I'm not that talented!
Dec. 11th, 2006 01:09 pm (UTC)
Nope, just 3 dozen cookies. I'll just be baking lots of cookies on Friday night anyway ;)
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