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Weekend Activities

This past weekend went by in a blur. I think that’s because I spent most of Saturday sleeping. I woke up around 9 am and felt like a truck had run over me. I stayed up for about an hour and a half and then went back to sleep, thinking I’d only be out for an hour or two. I didn’t wake up again until just after 4 pm. Ugh. I spent some time really waking up and around 4:30 I was ravenously hungry. I was going to go get something to eat, but then got invited to eat with the housemates. We had roast beef. Mmm. Very good. By the time dinner was over, I was full of energy, so I logged into Firan and finished a few @requests and trolled for RP. I caught a quick scene with my character’s sister, which was cut way too short. Given I’d spent most of the day sleeping I didn’t exactly get tired until around 3:00 am.

Since I spent most of my day on Saturday sleeping, my plans to clean had been ruined. Instead I had to make up for it on Sunday. I spent all day power cleaning my living space – which is exactly one room. One would not think that such a living space would need power cleaning, but when you have as much stuff as I do, and all of your life is crammed into one room, well… it takes forever. It took all day. My stuff hasn’t had any specific “place” since I moved in last year. It’s just been all over. Yesterday, I did some organization and put things into places they should go for easy finding and I made use of the under the bed boxes I’d picked up at Ikea a few months ago for just that reason.

I did laundry and made sure to put the clothes away as I went along (normally the just get thrown all over the place), I went through my clothes and pulled out things I absolutely know I’ll never wear (they’ve been sitting around, unworn, for years) so I can take them to Good Will, I threw away all the unnecessary mail that piles up at my father’s house that he sends back to Bowie with me when I come to visit, since I continue to use home as my permanent address (it will always be “home” to me – and I get a ton of junk/spam snail mail apparently), I put my movies away, and cleared out a space in my closet for my towels, the rest of the movies that wouldn’t fit in my dresser, and my crafting stuff.

The result is I have a tiny, tiny pile of computer stuff sitting next to my desk on the floor. That is the only floor space utilized in such a fashion now. The rest of the floor is /completely/ clear. I hope to keep it that way. I need to clean up the computer stuff and go through the VIP papers I threw on my desk in order to make sure I didn’t throw away anything important. I also need to bring my shredder in, finally, from the car so I can start shredding things. I can probably bring in a few other things too now that there’s some extra space. We’ll see.

I am very, very happy about this accomplishment. I don’t expect it to last, but I do mean to put up a pretty mean effort toward keeping things in their proper place. I was able to keep my apartment pretty well managed and clean when I had it, which I prided myself on. I just now need to take pride in my personal living space, which I’d always allowed to go to ruin in the past. Over the years I’ve come to realize that quite often when I get depressed it’s because there’s lots and lots of clutter around. The less clutter I have, the happier I am. It’s very good to have less clutter. Very, very good.




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