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Holiday Baking...

Last night I started my holiday baking. This weekend, Saturday specifically, I have a cookie exchange to attend at stephdray and adamdray’s home. They continued this tradition last year after our friend bluekitsune went to New Orleans to attend Tulane University to become a doctor. She’d started this for us in 2004. It’s a nice gathering and a good way to sample each other’s cooking.

The cookies I made this year are:

Nutmeg Log Cookies – includes all the usual ingredients, but also nutmeg, vanilla extract and rum extract. The rum extract smelled very strongly!! However, the cookies came out wonderfully and taste great. They also get drizzled with melted chocolate. We decided to save that part for today. The downside to these cookies is you have to roll them out by hand into ½ inch cylinders like a log – and the dough liked to break up mid roll. Still, I think the end result was well worth the labor.

Peppermint Christmas Cookies – includes peppermint extract and hershey’s kisses. These are a variation of the peanut butter and/or short bread cookies where you bake the hershey’s kisses into the cookies. Was uncertain how the peppermint would come out, but it adds just the right flavor. The drawback is the cookies crack a little bit the way we add the kisses to them, but that doesn’t kill the flavor at all.

Both sets of cookies are wonderlifically delicious and I’ll be rather proud to share them at the party tomorrow.

Tonight I shall be baking a German kind of Cinnamon Christmas Stars and the Honey Bee Cookies I made last year. The cinnamon cookies also have nutmeg in them. The Honey Bee cookies are part honey. Hopefully the latter will turn out better than they did last year and I’ll be as pleased today as I was last night with my baking efforts.


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