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Tigger Has Arrived....!

I am with computer! And while I am at work when I got it, I still opened up the case, turned it on, and beamed happily at the chimes. CHIME! There is nothing more appealing than hearing the Apple chimes coming to pass. Whee.

I was amusedly surprised to see the program ComicLife which allows users to create comic books from just about any picture or graphic imaginable and add captions/subtitles/stuff. This could be /incredibly/ useful for the up and coming FiranCon. Plot, plot, plot. We’re always looking at new ways to fundraise to help offset the costs of both Con and the server for the game. Plot, plot, plot. For now, it’s just an idea, because I am in no way, shape or form an artist of any sort, except by way of writing.

I didn’t get much opportunity to look around the computer. I’ll do that when I get home tonight, but I’m already in love with it. As I have told other people, because the software that came with it is Tiger software I have dubbed it Tigger. Why? Because Tiggers go GRRRR and Tiggers always bounce! And, simply because it seemed fitting.

I am very excited. It has a nice glossy sheen to the screen, so it makes me itch to try out World of Warcraft. But while I’m doing that, I can also very likely upload the saved contents I got from Pixel and start putting things back together, carefully. I don’t want to add too much stuff though, because I have to decide if I want to go out and purchase Windows XP and make the computer a dual boot machine. I got the Christmas Bonus at work I was hoping for, and it was a nice, lofty bonus – in Lisa terms anyway.

As a side note though, my Apple USB dial-up modem has not yet arrived, though my computer and carrying case did. The modem was coming out of PA. The computer and carrying case came out of CA. Why would the computer arrive first? PA is only a few scant hours away. I paid for overnight delivery for everything so… meh!! Just as long as the modem comes tomorrow though, I should be fine. I need it before I go home for the holidays. Father. Farm. Centreville, MD. Middle of nowhere. Dial up only.


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Dec. 22nd, 2006 05:27 am (UTC)
Firstly, if your cellular phone has Bluetooth (and many do!), you can most likely use it as a dialup modem with your MBP, which has built-in Bluetooth. So if it doesn't arrive, that's an option.

Secondly, the USB modems are generally shipping a bit late, because they aren't /terribly/ popular, so they don't keep terribly many stocked. ;)
Dec. 22nd, 2006 01:16 pm (UTC)
It shipped when it was supposed to ship. It left the facility the same time all the other packages did. For some ungodly reason, looking at the tracker, it was delivered to the facility in Memphis, TN. My phone does not have Bluetooth. I couldn't afford one of those fancy finagled internet enabled things when I first got my phone and I haven't upgraded, so that's not really an option ;)
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